Adsorbent For All Hydrocarbon Sources
Vapor Suppressant

All 100% Organic
Advanced Non-Toxic Polymer / Cellulose Based Adsorbent For Volatile Petroleum Solvents, Fuels & Crude Oil

Let The viscoelastic Nature of High Density PIB (Polyisobutylene) Work For You
Controls 3-5 Times its Weight in Spilled Hydrocarbon Liquids

ATTAC-1™ adsorbs and consolidates any spilled hydrocarbon source into a rubbery cohesive substance.  The spilled hydrocarbon does not leak or drain in handling or in storage under its own weight or pressure.  It does not leach in contact with water.  ATTAC-1™ increases the flash point temperature and suppresses vapors.  ATTAC-1™ dams the flow of the hydrocarbon source, locks in spills and reduces fire hazard.  Water misting of the treated hydrocarbon spill area decreases the fire hazard significantly.  Product is economical in use.

A safe product for any including all dangerous, volatile hydrocarbon spills.

  • Environmentally safe
  • User friendly
  • Non-toxic
  • Non-irritating
  • Effectively reduces the hydrocarbons from entering the soil, water and porous surfaces.
Useful for high risk areas as a clean up source by hydrocarbon spill emergency response teams, fire departments, police and others associated with hydrocarbon spills.  ATTAC-1™ can be used for hydrocarbon spills on land, arctic tundra, drilling platforms, pump stations, refineries, airports, hangers, fuel stations, tank farms, city streets, automotive, bus and equipment repair stations, marine engine repair shops, farms, commercial and municipal parking lots, residential garages, driveways, factories, roads and any other area where hydrocabon spills have occurred.


  1. Dispense ATTAC-1™ on any spilled hydrocarbon source until all liquid(s) have been absorbed.
  2. Use ATTAC-1™ to dam the flow of spilled hydrocarbon source(s) to prevent flow into drains or sewers.  If liquid enters the drain or sewer apply ATTAC-1™  where access is available to supress vapors.
  3. After completely absorbing the liquid you may want to apply a fine spray of water on the entire surface of the adsorbed ATTAC-1™ mass.  If the adsorbed material ignites due to volatility of the liquids it will not burn with vigor.  If the adsorbed material ignites due to volatility of the liquids use fine spray of water to extinguish non-vigorous flame.
  4. If available use water spray to sweep the adsorbed ATTAC-1™ material into one or several piles (water spray sweep technique for outdoor use only).
  5. Remove the adsorbed ATTAC-1™ mass into and appropriate container for disposal.  Dispose of material as per Municipal, State & Federal Regulations.
  6. Meets Paint Test and may be allowed to be disposed into a Land Fill or incinerator (as per Municipal, State and Federal Regulations).
Spill residue is a rubbery cohesive mass which does not drain in handling or in storage.  Since hydrocarbon saturated ATTAC-1™ burns with high BTU value and little ash and since the spill residue is a relatively homogeneous mass the adsorbed material is ideal for incineration as a fuel for energy production.

The spill residue does not leach hydrocarbon liquid when in contact with water.  Landfill is an option depending upon Municipal, State and Federal Regulations.

Cellulose based and/or kiln dried saw dust, and..........% of Polyisobutylene by weight.

ATTAC-1™ Is a powder with a bulk density of 13lbs/cu.ft.  It is non-toxic and non-reactive.

When heated to decomposition, carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide are evolved.

Hazardous polymerization of this product will not occur.


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