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Technical Resources Library CD - Significant Changes - Version 3.22 For Geoweb® Cellular Confinement & Geoblock® Porous Pavement Systems


Geoweb® product specifications are available in printed, computer disk and CD Rom formats.  The specifications are intended to provide the design engineer with a comprehensive guideline for producing a performance-oriented project specification while conforming with state-of-the-practice design standards.  Presto CD Ver 3.2[Contact Us] To Get A Copy of the NEW Presto Ver 3.22 CD - Technical Resources Library.    See [Significant Changes] to This NEW Version.   Obtain [Product Updates And News Releases].

Solutions For An Unstable World:

We are pleased to provide you with Presto's NEW Technical Resources Library CD - VER 3.22 for the Geoweb® Cellular Confinement and Geoblock® Porous Pavement Systems.

Significant changes to this NEW version include:

  • All V-Series Geoweb® Documents (Specs, Installation, AutoCAD® Drawings)
  • SPECMakerV Tool Ver 3.01 – Updated with V-Series Geoweb® information
  • New Case Studies and Editorial
  • French Canadian Documents in addition to the Spanish Documents
  • Videos viewed through Windows Media Player 7.0
  • Updated and expanded PowerPoint® Presentations
This CD uses the latest software technology.  To view and access certain files on the CD it is very important that you be aware of the following information.  Additional notes are contained in the HELP section of the CD.


     a. ALL videos are viewed through Windows Media Player 7.0 (WMP).  This program must be installed prior to viewing the videos.
     b. Construction Videos – The SITE MAP for each of the construction videos can be accessed through VMP’s ‘View’ command.  After the video file is loaded, from WMP’s Toolbar select ‘View’ and ‘File Markers’ to select the table-of-contents item of interest.


     a. The CD contains areas (case studies, awards, project credits) where several photos transition on one location.  This feature adds interest to the screen pages as well as the showing of more than one project photo at a single screen location.  Most users should be able to view these photos.
     b. However, if a user’s browser is not up to date, a grey box will be visible rather than the photos.  A simple on-line update to the browser is required in order to view the photos.
     c. In Internet Explorer, click on ‘Tools’ and ‘Windows Update’.  Once the Windows Update website appears, select ‘Product Updates’, and make the necessary selections.
     d. Because of changing website technology, it is always a good idea to keep your browser updated.

We encourage you to navigate through the CD to familiarize yourself with the structure and location of all the documents, videos, case studies, etc.  If you have any questions, please contact Joseph Neubauer at 907-562-5755.  Please discontinue the use of previous CD Versions.


ISO 9002
The manufacturer of the GEOWEB System, is committed to maintaining high standards and continuous quality. The manufacturer leads the cellular confinement industry with innovative quality products and was recently awarded ISO 9002 Certification for its quality management system. The certification was received from QMI for the manufacture of the GEOWEB Cellular Confinement System from incoming raw materials through finished product.

Authorized Presto Distributor

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