Introducing the{short description of image}IM 66

Commercial 66

ball A must as a back up to your existing resurfacer.
ball Saves time - Builds ice base in one day. In 2 hours you can have 5/32 to 3/16 of ice ready for painting and lines.
ball Saves Money - IceMaster is an affordable, economical way to resurface every ice rink.
ball Easy enough for a 10-year-old to use.

ball Ideal for repairing thin ice or other problem areas.
ball Great for figures patch work.
ball Creates super clear, strong, smooth ice because there is less air in the water.
ball Makes installing lines and painting much easier - no surface air bubbles.
ball Establishes an excellent bond between the ice and the floor when starting the base.



Shut Off Valve
16" Reinforced Hose
One Master Matt Resurfacing Rug
Water Regulating Valve
Wheel and Stand Assembly

Minimum 7 gpm's
Midnight Blue Powder Coat, Baked-On Finish
Made of Schedule 40 Grade Steel Pipe.
Weight: 39 1/4 pounds.
Width: 66 inches.
Hose made of 100 % Goodyear rubber, 3/4 or 1" diameter, 200 psi.
Valve is 1" Full Port Ball Valve.

$750.00 Ea.

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