COOLGUARD HR (KEE - Elvaloy Terpolymer)

The technology of blending Elvaloy has been tried by many over the years, but none as successful as with Cooley's Coolguard line of products. A resin developed by Dupont, Cooley first used Elvaloy in its roofing products. The experience and knowledge gained from the roofing provided the basis for development of the Coolguard product. Not all Elvaloy technologies produce the same end product and not all Ethylene Interpolymer Alloys (EIA), as they are generically referred to, are created equal.

The technology developed with Cooley roofing was further refined to meet the needs for an oil resistant geomembrane liner. Cooley's team of polymer chemists developed Coolguard for a wide variety of uses.

Why Use Coolguard?

The Coolguard formulation can handle many petrochemicals and chemicals and when used for secondary containment, offer a great degree of comfort to both the engineers and end-user. Tough, durable, yet extremely flexible Coolguard can be easily installed in the most complex areas. It is thermal welded (or RF) so that large panels and pipe, or similar penetrations and complex details can be handled very efficiently and effectively.

Coolguard does not need to be buried; it is dimensionally stable and has excellent UV resistance. Coolguard geomembranes are backed by up to a 10 year written weathering warranty.

Cooley Product Performance

The high performance of the Coolguard liners is a combination of a high strength scrim, tough highly complex combination of Elvaloy and other base resins, secondary and tertiary ingredients to form a unique polymer alloy utilizing a proprietary manufacturing process. In addition to its high chemical resistance, the Coolguard exhibits very high physical performance. These characteristics are shown in the 'Physical Properties' data sheets for the respective thicknesses. The reinforcing scrim was developed to provide the product with a 'Total Package' of physical performance to meet the real needs of the engineer and the installation.

Coolguard has a high strength specially woven rip-stop scrim that provides enhanced overall physical performance that exceeds industry requirements.

Coolguard has:

High Tensile Strength

High Tear Strength

High Puncture Resistance 

Excellent Dimensional Stability 

High Burst Strength

Thicker and Wider (almost 24% wider than the leading competitor for better performance and fewer seams)

Excellent Conformance and Lay Flat Characteristics (flexibility)

Excellent Cold Crack Performance at Low Temperatures (-30F)

High Ultraviolet Resistance (up to 10 year weathering warranty)

Excellent Seaming Characteristics by Thermal Fusion or RF

High Peel and Shear Performance (seam welding)

Excellent Chemical Resistance

Easy to Repair (user friendly)

Available in Large Panels to Reduce Field Seaming and Installation Time

Coolguard is available in 36 mils (0.914 mm) and 45 mils (1.14 mm).  Heavier gauges are also available.

Panel Sizes 

Cooley Coolguard™ provides the end‑user with a liner product that can be supplied in panels up to half acre in size to expedite installation and minimize the amount of field seaming. These large panels are supplied through our network of fabricators throughout the USA and abroad.

Field Installation 

To expedite installation the Coolguard can be prefabricated and delivered to the site in large custom sized panels. This method enables the area to be lined with the minimum of material and field seaming. With the excellent seaming and related characteristics of Coolguard, the usually expected problems with field seaming of other products is eliminated. 

Typical Installations 

Cooley Coolguard geomembrane liners offer superior performance over other products for all aspects of lining lagoons, ponds, tanks or other impoundments, floating covers and similar containments. Cooley's high performance, scrim reinforced Coolguard provides the end-user with the optimum state-of-the-art liner material which is very 'user friendly'. 

Complying with the strict requirements of the Corps of Engineers, Coolguard is used for primary and secondary containment applications such as tank farms, wash-down facilities, airport de-icing collection systems, digesters and many other applications, to contain chemically aggressive waste streams. 

Coolguard is in service throughout North, South and Central America, Europe and the Pacific Rim.


36 Mil & 45 mil Coolguard geomembrane:  'Physical Properties' data sheets

Elvaloy is a registered trademark of Dupont
Coolguard is a registered trademark of Cooley Engineered Membranes, Inc.

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