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Where There is Coal, There Will be Coal Dust.

One of the biggest problems for coal mines, coal fired power plants, and coal rail cars.


Worldwide, coal production and use has been plagued by dust and spontaneous combustion problems.  Dust represents a loss of product and is a contaminant, and health threats.  Coal dust control is critical due to the risk of coal dust explosions, the lung disease known as pneumoconiosis (black lung disease).  In addition to creating safety and environmental hazards, coal dust increases the cost of maintaining material handling equipment.

Similar to sand, coal is stored outside in piles where it absorbs water every time it rains.  Higher moisture content reduces coal's ability to burn efficiently.  Attempts made to address these problems usually involve water.  Products designed to retain or extract water from the air, primarily “salts”, frequently have negative side effects on the environment and are also individually limited by ambient humidity.  The use of water and other types of dust control methods are only effective for a short period of time and must be reapplied frequently to maintain their effectiveness. 

Long standing problems of wind generated dust from coal storage piles, loss of fines from coal rail wagons, and the water consumption necessary to prevent auto combustion during transport and storage can reduced by applying  one of two new proprietary products which form a flexible surface “crust” after applied.

Once applied, these products bond the particles together to form a protective barrier that eliminates windblown dust with just a single application.  Spraying DustLess or DirtGlue Polymer on the surface of coal successfully minimizes the absorption of water.

Coal Rail Car Dust Control with DustLess and Coal Pile Capping with DirtGlue Polymer

DirtGlue Polymer:  Used in the spring and summer months (non freezing temperatures), is a powerful, high-tech bonding agent specifically engineered to bond coal particles together.  A non-hazardous, water-soluble product, DirtGlue polymer contains no harmful chemicals, will not adversely affect people, animals or aquatic life, and even though it has incredible strength, it is environmentally clean, so it can be applied with confidence to even the most environmentally sensitive areas, such as wetland buffer zones.

DirtGlue polymer is a liquid concentrate that is diluted with water that penetrates the surface, binding with the particals to form a tough durable three dimensional matrix layer of protection.  Combining superior film strength and adhesive properties DirtGlue polymer is the ideal solution for dust control.  The product is easily applied using anything that is capable of spraying water ranging from small agricultural sprayers to a pressurized water truck.  DirtGlue polymer uses a proprietary polymer additive mix that offers greater UV stability and much better hydrophobicity.  This insures each DirtGlue polymer application keeps working long after other products fail.

DustLess:  Used during freezing winter months, is a revolutionary new non-hazardous dust control agent that prevents human related health risks to workers, bystanders and adjacent properties on construction sites, dirt and gravel roads, coal rail cars, coal piles, and stock piles by eliminating airborne dust.

DustLess is high-tech, clear, clean, safe, odorless, organic fluid.  Highly refined, and proven to be non-toxic to humans, animals, marine life and plants.  DustLess does not freeze in cold weather climates, will not evaporate, dry out, or wash away, even over extended periods of time.  After initial surface application DustLess gradually penetrates down into the particals below the surface.  Second and subsequent applications require less and less product for effective treatment because DustLess remains in the material working to control dust long after the application.

DustLess does not create a slippery surface, it is not sticky, and does not dry out.  DustLess is non-toxic, is non-corrosive, does not contain chlorides, and is not alkaline.  The treated area may be used immediately after application.  DustLess is ready to use dust control designed specifically for areas where the surface will be continually disturbed thereby rendering most conventional dust control systems less effective.

DustLess – How and Why It Works

DustLess is specially formulated to absorb into the individual particles rather than surround and "float" the particle, as water does.  By absorbing in, and not surrounding the particle, the individual particles remain in direct contact with each other keeping the surface firm, good coefficient of friction (traction), no stickiness, thus no tracking.  The product is not alkaline, it is not acidic, it is non-corrosive, and nonhazardous.  Effective dust control lasts for about one year (9 - 15 months).  Watering is never required.  Climate and humidity are not factors.  It does not wash away or dilute in rain events.  Reapplications after the initial application are done at a much lower rate to renew highly effective, long lasting control.  The application of DustLess is always cheaper than the costs involved with having to pay for the repeated application of water (labor, equipment, cost of water), is always more effective, and is always best from a health point of view.  All this with no negative environmental issues, and no corroded equipment issues.


Click here for more information on DustLess. Click here for DustLess MSDS sheet (PDF)

Click here for more information on DirtGlue Polymer. Click here for DirtGlue Polymer MSDS sheet (PDF)

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Application Rate for DustLess Dust control:

Dust will be contained for several months with no or minimal maintenance.  In extreme dust situations the application rate may be increased for longer lasting more heavy duty requirements. Minimum application rate is typically 800 gallons/acre.  Clay or fine soils will require additional treatment.

Application Rates for DirtGlue Polymer:
DirtGlue can be used effectively as a surface application for erosion control/bank stabilization, storage pile capping and other non-traffic surfaces to be protected from wind erosion.

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