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DustLess™ Persistent Dust Control

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Whether it is traffic on residential dirt roads, or vehicles in dirt parking lots or working storage yards, traffic on dirt surfaces causes dust! And fugitive dust has become one of the green movements hot issues. Dust is unhealthy to breath, unsafe to drive in, and shortens the life of expensive equipment. It’s no wonder that more and more States are setting air quality standards that limit the amount of dust allowed.

Mining Road Before
Yesterday’s solutions don’t make sense in today’s environment. Constant watering is too costly and time consuming. Using salts are not environmentally friendly. DustLess™ is a environmentally friendly organic fluid that works differently. It soaks into the individual soil/dust particles making them too heavy to move thus eliminating dust. Because it never evaporates it lasts for a very long time, 9 - 12 months of dust control with one application. Plus, when it's time to re-apply it is done at a much lower rate insuring cost effective long lasting dust control.

Mining Road After
Easy to apply DustLess™ helps stabilize road surfaces and cuts down on expensive maintenance such as frequent blading and regravelling. DustLess™ comes ready to use, so there's no time wasted in mixing or preparation. What's more, after an application of DustLess™ you can travel on treated roads within about 2 hours. DustLess™ does not form a crust and never evaporates thereby being unaffected by traffic.
DustLess™ is an environmentally safe dust suppressant that eliminates the need to water, does not dry out and is ideal for high traffic areas. Clear and odorless DustLess™ is highly refined, and proven to be non-toxic to humans, animals, marine life and plants. DustLess™ comes ready to use (no water or mixing required). Perfect for applications at construction sites, unpaved roads, gravel parking lots, mining sites and quarries.


Dustless™ carries the following approvals:

1. US Army Corps of Engineers
2. ATEC (military equivalent of OSHA)
3. REF (Rapid Engineering Force / US Military)
4. CENTCOM (Us Military Control Command / Middle East)
5. DFAS (US Military Bases- USA)
6. DSCR (Defense Supply Centers)
8. Dominican Republic (Federal Level)
9. OMAN (Federal Level)
10. BAHRAIN (Federal Level)
11. UAE (United Arab Emirates) (Federal Level) 


1. Environmentally Friendly
2. Works with Indigenous Soil/Surface Materials
3. Superior Bonding
4. Sticks to Itself
5. Water Insoluble on Curing
6. Non Toxic/Non- Hazardous
7. Non-Corrosive


8. Non Flammable
9. Stops Wind Erosion
10. Stops Water Erosion
11. Stabilizes Surface and or Subsurface Erosion
12. Reduces & Prevents Pollution
13. Will Not Leach Out Of Soil
14. All Weather Stable


Long Term Solution with Just One Application
Increases Productivity, Efficiency, and Safety of Your Operations
Very Easy to Apply - No Temperature Restrictions

DustLess™ White_Paper (PDF)     How and Why it Works

DustLess™ Military Applications (PDF)    DustLess™ Lifespan (PDF)

Application List – Where to Use Which Product

Controling Fugitive Dust with DustLess (PDF)

Controlling Coal Dust on Rail Cars and Coal Piles

DustLess Case Study: Water vs. DustLess (PDF)

Application Photos 1   Application Photos 2

DustLess™ MSDS (PDF)

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