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TerraDry™ Sub Grade Stabilization

TerraDry™ for the Stabilization of High Plasticity Soils

Many paved and unpaved roads fail because they are constructed using poor base materials. Until now the only solution for soft and muddy (high plasticity) road base was the costly digging up and removal of the inferior base and replacing it with good quality aggregate. Our revolutionary TerraDry™ system treats inferior base materials "in place" turning poor quality road base into strong, stable material.

How It Works

The problem with using inferior soils (clay & silt) for road construction is that they build up a structure of fine capillaries that absorb water causing a reduction of stability, load bearing capacity and the ability to resist frost. The DirtGlue® TerraDry™ system is a combination of two complementary components developed specifically to fill the capillary network with a silicone resin thus rendering the soil water repellent. Once the soil is treated with TerraDry™, capillary water uptake is prevented, ensuring permanent high load-bearing capacity, stability and frost resistance.

Save time and money while saving the environment

The benefits of using TerraDry™ are enormous. The use of "in-situ" cohesive and inferior soils saves time, expense and resources. No longer is there a need to remove tons of inferior soil and haul it away to a landfill. Additionally, the cost of purchasing expensive and irreplaceable aggregate is also eliminated. Your project costs are greatly reduced with roads back in service sooner and less disruption to the local infrastructure and population.

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Increasing Waterproofing Technology

Subgrade Stabilization

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