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We are a leader in the manufacturing and distribution of the most advanced ‘green’ soil stabilization products and solutions, and specialize in making hard driving surfaces economically and ecologically from your existing soil and/or aggregate.  Dust Control, Soil Stabilization, Erosion Control, and Dirt Road Pothole repair.

These products are strong, affordable, ecological, and used for wind & water erosion control, including dust and sediment control, stockpile capping, embankment stabilization, gravel road construction / repair / preservation, and road base stabilization. Click here for a presentation on our DirtGlue product line.


DustLess™ helps stabilize road surfaces and cuts down on expensive maintenance such as frequent blading and re-gravelling. DustLess™ comes ready to use, so there's no time wasted in mixing or preparation. After an application of DustLess™ you can travel on treated roads almost in about 2 hours. DustLess™ is highly refined, clear, clean, safe, odorless, organic fluid, proven to be non-toxic to humans, animals, marine life and plants (see MSDS sheet).  DustLess™ does not freeze in cold weather climates. DustLess™ will not evaporate or dry out even over extended periods of time. After initial surface application DustLess™ gradually creeps down into the soil both laterally and vertically below the surface  but it does not leach since the Dustless formulation is waterproof. Second and subsequent applications require less and less product for effective treatment because DustLess™ remains in the soil working to control dust long after the application. Dustless is ideally suited for dust control on moving railroad cars  or any other vehicles since it can be applied during the winter months.  

DustLess™ does not create a slippery surface, it is not sticky, and does not dry out. DustLess™ is non-toxic, is non-corrosive, does not contain chlorides, and is not alkaline. The World Health Organization has classified silicosis as a health hazard. Silicosis is a form of pneumoconiosis caused by inhalation of crystalline silica dust, i.e. blowing sand. (Source, World Health Organization web site).

More on DustLess™

DirtGlue® Polymer Emulsions

DirtGlue® Polymer is a multi-purpose bonding agent product specifically formulated to bond soil particles together and solve a multitude of soil stabilization needs. Examples are construction sites with a constant need to suppress dust, or any kind of embankment with erosion and sediment runoff.

When applied, it penetrates the soil surface to create a tough, durable layer of protection. Using the proprietary formulation of DirtGlue® Industrial Polymer Emulsion, applications are capable of creating robust and durable vehicle driving surfaces, like parking lots, golf cart paths, or driveways.

In addition, DirtGlue® Polymer Emulsions offer a more cost effective alternative that will enhance conventional mulching practices as well as hydro seeding / hydro mulching.

  • DirtGlue® Polymer and DirtGlue® Industrial Polymer - surface as well as mixed-in applications

  • High resistance to UV degradation

  • Applications at low temperatures (smooth film forming)

  • Enhanced flexibility of the cured product

  • Excellent hydrophobicity (less than 15% water absorption of cured product)

  • Higher bonding strength

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DirtGlue® Industrial Polymer

DirtGlue® industrial polymer (DGip) is a water based heavy duty formulation of acrylic polymer specifically for road building or creating a hardened surface suitable for all types of traffic. When mixed into soil and compacted yields an extremely strong three dimensional substrate that can easily withstand traffic loads.

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PolyCure™ Curing Agent

PolyCure™ is used in conjunction with DirtGlue® Polymer (or Industrial Polymer) to ensure complete curing and to help accelerate curing process during less than ideal application situations (imminent rain expected, high moisture, low temperature, no sun, etc).

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DirtGlueDry™ Powdered Polymer

For use as a paver joint ad-mixture creating strength, and longevity when mixed into paver joint sand for patios, driveways, walkways. DirtGlueDry™ Powdered Polymer is a powerful, high-tech dry polymer specifically engineered to be mixed with sand.

More on DirtGlueDry™ Powdered Polymer


Horses require 30 times more oxygen than humans. Respiratory problems and especially airway disease continue to be the number one health issue for horses, their owners, and trainers.

ArenaKleen™ is the only horse arena dust control product that eliminates the health hazards of dust as it improves the consistency, cushioning, traction and support or the arena footing material. With ArenaKleen™ dust suppressant, horses, riders and trainers can work safely and comfortably in the arena, stables or anywhere.

ArenaKleen™ is specially made to work in areas where the surface will be continually disturbed thereby rendering most conventional dust control systems less effective. ArenaKleen™ never evaporates and does not wash away in rain. ArenaKleen lasts all season long and never needs watering.

ArenaKleen™ is arena dust control designed specifically for areas where horses train, work, exercise, and perform:

  • Indoor horse riding arenas, outdoor horse riding arenas, rodeo arenas, stable aisle ways, riding trails, horse trailer parking areas

  • Easy surface application

  • Non-toxic to humans, animals, marine life and plants

  • Both indoor and outdoor horse arenas, does not freeze in cold weather climates

  • Will not evaporate or dry out even over extended periods of time

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Terra Dry™

For the Stabilization of High Plasticity Soils. Many paved and unpaved roads fail because they are constructed using poor base materials. Until now the only solution for soft and muddy (high plasticity) road base was the costly digging up and removal of the inferior base and replacing it with good quality aggregate.

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The Mach-4 DirtGlue® Polymer Application System

The DirtGlue® Mach 4 Polymer Application System has been engineered for the professional applicator. Although it is a top notch unit, it is sensibly priced so if you are a customer with repeat work (dust control, stockpile capping, seal coating, polymer paving) this unit is the logical choice.



PotHoleGlue™ has been specifically formulated as a multi component system producing a catalytic reaction to create a powerful, durable and easy to apply solution for a well known problem.

The highly effective dry formulation of a tough polymer, a curing enhancing element and recycled asphalt provides a unique, solid and durable structure for long-lasting pothole repairs.

  • PotHoleGlue™ - Revolutionary polymer based pothole repair

  • Contains special proprietary additives

  • Long-lasting repair kit for potholes

More on PotHole Glue™


Better product through the science of blending an all in one package that promotes growth better, applies easier, and is all natural (organic). Far superior to the typical fiber products used for hydromulch.

CompoMulch White Paper   CompoMulch MSDS   CompoMulch Q&A 


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