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We offer soil stabilizing and dust control solutions to commercial,
industrial and military customers worldwide.

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We are a leader in the manufacturing and distribution of the most advanced, ‘green’ soil stabilization, erosion control, dust control, and pot hole repair products and solutions, and specialize in making hard driving surfaces economically and ecologically from your existing soil and/or aggregate, making hard driving surfaces economically and ecologically from your existing soil and/or aggregate with our soil stabilizers and dust control agents.

These products are strong, affordable, ecological, and used for wind & water erosion control, including dust and sediment control, stockpile capping, embankment stabilization, gravel road construction / repair / preservation, and road base stabilization. manufacturing and distribution of the most advanced

A Product for Every Application

No matter what your dust control or soil stabilization needs are, we have developed a product that will meet your needs. Our line of superior products were developed in the laboratory and tested in the field so you can feel confident no matter which solution you choose.

Dust Control TerraTac Polymer - Engineered Copolymer Soil Stabilizer and Dust Control Agent
Equestrian Dust Control TerraTac Dry - Engineered Copolymer Soil Stabilizer and Dust Control Agent Powder
Erosion Control TerraLock - Ultra-Pure Synthetic Dust Control Fluid
Road Maintenance TerraGlue - Economy Grade Co-polymer Emulsion Dust Suppressant
Soil Stabilization  
Water Conservation ArenaKleen™ 
  DirtGlue® Polymer Emulsions - Multi-purpose Soil Bonding Agent  Click for Special on DirtGlue Polymer!
  DirtGlue® Industrial Polymer - Heavy duty, Highly Water Resistant Stabilizer (used in Polymer Pavement System)
  DirtGlueDry™ Powdered Polymer - Binder for Polymerized Sand Blends (used in paver & patio block joints)
  DustLess™ - Surface Spray Application for Long Term Dust Control on Traffic Areas  Click for Special on DustLess!
  PolyCure™ Curing Agent - Curing Accelerator for Polymers
  TerraDry™ - Soil Waterproofing Agent (used in base stabilization & Polymer Pavement System)
  Mach 4 Polymer Application System  Click for Special on the Mach 4 Applicator!
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