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The Mach-4 DirtGlue® Polymer Application System  SPECIAL!

The DirtGlue® Mach 4 Polymer Application System has been engineered for the professional applicator. Although it is a top notch unit, it is sensibly priced so if you are a customer with repeat work dust control, stockpile capping, seal coating, polymer paving) this unit is the logical choice.

 The system includes everything, so there is no "figuring out" what to do:

• 275 gallon IBC tote with Open/Close lever and top plumbing for recycling and filling
• Complete plumbing kit mounted on pump for boom bar spray or manual wand spray
• Pump with Briggs & Stratton commercial engine and low oil shut-off
• Complete hoses and connectors for all operations
• Cast iron spray boom that fits your pickup truck receiver hitch
• Four sets of nozzle sizes to match every application from mist to saturation
• All the nozzle threads match the hand wand reducer
• Hand wand is at the end of a 50 feet hose

It can be used to:
• Spray with the boom spray bar
• Spray with a hand held wand via 50 foot professional contractor grade hose
• Spray (saturate) with the large 2" hose (the same hose that goes to the boom bar)
• Agitate your suspension / emulsion liquids in the tote (polymer, seal coating asphalt,  deicer,   etc) so these are homogenous right before application (hoses, plumbing, shut-off valves, all included and installed)
• Fill and refill the bed mounted IBC tote with polymer, or other materials and water from external source for dilution and after job system rinsing / cleanup
• Take the pump off the truck and use it as a stand-alone pump elsewhere

This system easily disperses DirtGlue® polymer of any viscosity, as well as dust control liquids, sealcoating liquids, and other fluids. It is 100% tested and fully guaranteed when used with DirtGlue® products. You must flush your complete system with water after each use. Avoid corrosive liquids such as liquid ice control salts if possible, or buy a separate pump for that purpose.

The spray boom can be easily installed behind any vehicle with a Class Three 2" hitch receiver. In the picture you can see it attached and secured with a key operated pin lock in place for security.

The 50 feet contractor grade 3/4" sealer hose provides both flexibility and distance for seal coating and other manual work.

The high performance 2" self-priming centrifugal 45 PSI pump is powered by a hand start Briggs & Stratton OHV commercial motor that auto-shuts down when oil is low as a precaution to keep your equipment like new and ready to start when you need it.

So if you want to start working like a professional, to do flat surface mix-in and spray-on jobs in a fraction of the time it takes to hose a surface by hand, order this sturdy, affordable, multi-function DirtGlue® professional applicator kit and it will save you both time and money on your next paving, sealing, or dust control project.


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