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PolyCure™ - Curing Agent for DirtGlue® Dry Powdered Polymer

PolyCure™ is used in conjunction with DirtGlue® polymer (or DirtGlue® Industrial Polymer) to ensure complete curing and to help accelerate curing process during less than ideal application situations (imminent rain expected, high moisture, low temperature, no sun, etc).

Use of PolyCure™ increases the likelihood of a successful DirtGlue
® polymer driving surface application; however, its use is not to be construed as eliminating all of the other precautions that make for a good road building technique, precautions which are mandatory when using DirtGlue® polymer for such applications.

PolyCure™ adds a few percent “fines” to the aggregate so in cases of aggregate with fines below the specified requirement, PolyCure™ may indeed substitute for slightly lower content of fine particles.

Typically PolyCure™ is incorporated dry into the aggregate to be treated with DirtGlue
® polymer, at a rate of 200 pounds per cubic yard of aggregate, prior to the application and mix-in of the polymer itself.

Application rate may be adjusted up or down as necessary to compensate for climate and aggregate conditions at the time of application.

Recommended usage

PolyCure™ is recommended on mix-in polymer applications whenever temperature, humidity or high moisture may preclude proper or timely drying/curing of the application:

Temperatures below 70*F
Humidity above 85%
Short duration between rain events
Need for rapid curing
Need for assured high strength


PolyCure™ is typically applied at a rate of 1 pound per 15 pounds of aggregate (200 pounds/cubic yd or 220 pounds/M2).

PolyCure™ is evenly mixed into the aggregate mechanically to a depth of two inches (2") using rakes, hoes, power rake, rotor tiller or similar method appropriate for the size of the project.

PolyCure™ application rate may be adjusted up or down slightly depending on severity of climatic conditions or the need for high speed drying/curing.

Once PolyCure™ has been blended into the aggregate the DirtGlue
® polymer must be applied, mixed in, and compacted immediately.


PolyCure™ must be stored so as to remain dry until it is applied.

Polycure MSDS

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