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GeoFlo Rapid Load Bearing Asphalt Repair Slurry Features and Benefits:

Simple Application: No special tools or equipment are needed and repairs can be completed in 5 minutes. Durable Long Lasting Repairs: Strong repairs can be done without dig-outs, restoring aggregate interlock and pavement strength with a 5+ year life expectancy. Seals & Waterproofs: GeoFlo resists damage from water and vehicle fluids. Increased Safety with Minimal Traffic Delays: Fume-free polymers require closure of only the affected lane, and repairs can be completed at any time, day or night. Unaffected by temperatures: GeoFlo will not soften or track in hot weather and is not susceptible to frost/thaw cycles. Repairs Precisely to Grade: It provides a smooth, high-traction surface. Click here for Application Illustrations.



GeoFlo Asphalt Repair Video Demonstration No. 1        GeoFlo Asphalt Repair Video Demonstration No 2

Applications and Usage of GeoFlo Asphalt Slurry and GeoSet Concrete Slurry

Driveways, Sidewalks, and Parking Lots – Repairs to these structures are usually done either as individual fixes to retain the serviceability of the structure, or as part of a resurfacing of the structure. When a patch is made as part of an individual fix, the benefit is that the surface will be available within an hour and will be superior to the original surface. When the patch is part of a total resurfacing, the benefit is that the surfacing contractor doesn’t have to wait for concrete, or a hot-mix company to do the patch. Repairs can be seal coated or striped over quickly.

US DOT Approved for Our Highways and Roads – GeoFlo is used to repair asphalt potholes, alligatoring, cracking, pavement cuts, and surface compaction (ruts). GeoSet is used to repair concrete cracks, breakup, trip hazards, utility cuts, and joint openings.  The materials quick repair cycle means roads or highways need only be closed for hours, not days.

Rapid Load Bearing Bridge Repair – Bridges, because of their exposed nature (open to ambient temperatures on top and bottom) are subject to greater wear and maintenance than normal road bed. The transitions to the bridge structure are points of wear that have possible bonding problems with different materials. GeoFlo and GeoSet provide quick repairs that handle the heavy wear, and provide superior bonding to all materials (including steel fixtures).

Airport Runway and Taxiways – Airports suffer from extremely heavy loads. Highways are regulated to have vehicle loads no greater than approximately 100,000 lbs. Airports, on the other hand, routinely handle airplanes exceeding 750,000 lbs. The GeoFlo and GeoSet products were initially designed for NATO runways to meet these types of loads. Airport runways are also critical resources that are hard to close to traffic. The quick repair cycle means runways and taxiways need only be closed for hours, not days.

Floor and Surface Restoration – Warehouse floors can develop damage and wear from forklifts and heavy machinery. GeoSet and GeoFlo can easily repair pitting, cracks, spalls, and trip-hazards. The self-leveling material will restore any floor surface to a smooth, attractive, and worker-safe condition.

Maintenance, man-hole covers – Man-hole covers and other steel structures incorporated into the paving surface provide special problems. Asphalt and Concrete normally separate from the steel with temperature cycles. Water can then get between the paving and steel, causing further expansion and cracking of the paving. GeoFlo and GeoSet provide a permanent seal, and are impervious to water, fuels, oils, and solvents.

Toxic, chemical, and food service handling areas – Chemical handling areas provide special problems for repairs. Because asphalt and cement can absorb chemical spills, GeoFlo and GeoSet's impermeability to chemicals make it a superior repair solution. Also ideal for food preparation and storage areas, including sub-zero repair applications.


Each 5 Gallon Pail Kil kit of Geo-Flo contains 38 pounds of specially treated aggregate, 2 - 1/2 gallon bottles of polymer and a 10 pound bag of topping sand. Each 5 Gallon Pail Kit will cover approx. 50 Sq. feet.
GeoFlo Asphalt Pavement Repair
  • Asphalt Manhole Repair
  • Asphalt Loading Dock Repair
  • Asphalt Equipment Storage Repair
  • Asphalt Playground Repair
  • Asphalt Walkway Repair
  • Asphalt Alligator Repair
  • Asphalt Highway Shoulder Repair
  • Asphalt Sidewalk Repair
  • Asphalt Driveway Repair
  • Asphalt Parking Lot Repair
  • Asphalt Parking Deck Repair
  • Asphalt Highway Repair
  • Asphalt Crack Repair
  • Asphalt Pothole Repair
  • Asphalt Patch Repair
  • Asphalt Pavement Repair




A pail mixer and squeegee are available
from GeoCHEM or your local hardware store.


1. Polymer treated aggregates - 36 pounds
2. 1/2 Gallon bottle of Polymer A
3. 1/2 Gallon bottle of Polymer B
4. Topping aggregate - 10 pounds

GeoFlo is not a significant irritant. Nevertheless, skin or eye contact may lead to sensitization. Protective gloves and safety glasses should be worn. Wash hands before eating, drinking or smoking after handling.

Remove loose and unsound material. Clean out with a brush or blow out with compressed air any cracks or potholes. Apply only to dry surfaces. Moist or damp surfaces will weaken GeoFlo's ability to bond to the surface.


Remove 10 pound bag of topping sand and both A & B bottles of polymer from the 5-gallon GeoFlo pail. Add A bottle of polymer to the 5 gallon container of treated sand and mix with pail mixer for 1-2 minutes until sand is completely wet. Next, add all of B polymer and mix thoroughly for one minute. GeoFlo is now ready to be applied to the pre-treated area and should be in the form of a very pourable slurry. Working time will be approximately 10 minutes at an ambient temperature of 75 degrees F.

Squeegee, screed, gauge-rake or trowel thin slurry over repair area. The outer areas of the repair can be feathered into the existing surface with a hand trowel. Once liquid material is applied to the repair area, proceed to broadcast the repair using all 10 pounds of the topping sand evenly over the repair area.

For one hour minimum at a temperature of 75 degrees F. allowing approximately 30 minutes for every 5 degrees below 75 degrees. For temperatures below 60 degrees, a 1 once vial of catalyst is  available - add 1/2 the vial catalyst (.5 oz.). For temperatures below 50 degrees add the full 1 oz. bottle of catalyst. Colder temperatures will dictate a slower cure rate.

5- Gallon GeoFlo kit (55 pounds) will cover 50 square feet (1/8").

GeoFlo shelf life is one year when stored indoor, unopened under cool and dry conditions.

Dispose empty pails in accordance with local, state and federal regulations.

Remove to fresh air, if not breathing, give artificial respiration, preferably mouth to mouth. If breathing is difficult, give oxygen, call a physician.
SKIN CONTACT: Wash skin with soap and water. Remove contaminated clothing.
EYE CONTACT: Flush with water, continue for at least 15 minutes. Call a Doctor.

In case of liquid spill of unmixed materials A&B absorb spilled material with sawdust, sand or other absorbent, sweep into waste container, neutralize with decontamination solution (93% water, 5% ammonia, 2% detergent) and store open container outdoors for a minimum of 24 hours. Dispose neutralized waste in accordance with Federal, State and local government environmental regulations.


Q: Are GeoFlo repairs environmentally safe?
A: Repairs are environmentally safe because NO toxic wastes are generated. With no pavement removal no waste asphalt is generated.

Q: Are GeoFlo repairs waterproof or chemically resistant ?
A: GeoFlo Seals, waterproofs and fuel-proofs asphalt, it is unaffected by dilute acids and bases, gasoline, diesel, aviation fuel, antifreeze, or lubricating oils and is insoluble in most solvents and chemicals.

Q: Are GeoFlo repairs slippery ?
A: The sand topping placed over GeoFlo creates a high traction surface with a high coefficient of friction whether wet or dry.

Q: Do GeoFlo repairs hold up to snow plows ?
A: Snow plows will not damage properly applied, flush to grade GeoFlo repairs.

Q: Does GeoFlo stop water erosion of asphalt ?
A: Asphalt deteriorates quickly with repetitive water runoff found at car washes, outside restaurant kitchens, and with landscape irrigation. Water damage to asphalt is stopped when asphalt is resurfaced with GeoFlo.

Q: Can GeoFlo be used large areas subjected to chemical spills ?
A: Resurfacing asphalt with GeoFlo protects asphalt from cooking oil, oil dripping from cars, fuel, chemical, and toxic waste spillage. Fuel storage & toxic waste sites, secondary containment, service stations, fast food restaurants, airport runways & aprons, parking lots and parking structures are typical asphalt installations that benefit from resurfacing with GeoFlo.

Q: Can GeoFlo repairs be used before placing asphalt overlays ?
A: GeoFlo asphalt repair of wide cracks, raveling, and alligatoring in asphalt in asphalt repair prior to overlaying, chip sealing, slurrying, or seal coating can provide substantial savings compared to conventional labor sensitive grinding and digouts with hot mix repairs. Load bearing GeoFlo repair stops reflective cracks for asphalt overlays.

Q: Are GeoFlo repairs affected by hot asphalt overlays ?
A: GeoFlo repairs are NOT affected by hot asphalt overlays. There is no softening and no melting. Asphalt overlays, chip and slurry seals and micropaving bond to GeoFlo repairs.

Q Can all asphalt damage be repaired successfully with GeoFlo ?
A: No. With severe base damage asphalt repairs with GeoFlo are not durable. GeoFlo repairs are not recommended over asphalt that has deteriorated because it is structurally inadequate.

Click here for Safety Data Sheets.   Click here for Technical Data Sheet.




Recommendations for product use are based on tests believed to be reliable.  Field conditions vary widely.  For this reason, the user must determine product suitability for the particular use and specific method(s) of application.  THE FOLLOWING IS MADE IN LIEU OF ALL WARRANTIES, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, INCLUDING IMPLIED WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY AND FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE.  Sellers and manufacturers only obligation shall be to replace such quantity of the product proved to be defective.  NEITHER SELLER NOR MANUFACTURER SHALL BE LIABLE FOR LOSS OR DAMAGE, DIRECT, INCIDENTAL OR CONSEQUENTIAL, REGARDLESS OF THE LEGAL THEORY ASSERTED, INCLUDING NEGLIGENCE AND/OR STRICT LIABILITY.  The foregoing may be altered only by an agreement signed by officers of seller and manufacturer.

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