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GeoSORB Product Guide

  • GeoSORB  HAS A LIFE SPAN THAT IS 400% LONGER THAN CARBON: GeoSORB works well if placed ahead of granular activated carbon.  It is designed to remove long chain and high molecular weight hydrocarbons, chlorinated hydrocarbons, even heavy metals.  Because it absorbs oils and greases outside of the basic clay particle, it is not subject to pore plugging as is carbon; therefore, it has a LIFE SPAN THAT IS 400% LONGER THAN CARBON.  Its function is to extend the life span of carbon.

  • GeoSORB removes oil and grease from water at 7 times the capacity of activated carbon.

  • GeoSORB is a bentonite based sorbent composed of 30% organically modified "designer clay" and 70% anthracite.

  • GeoSORB is used as a column filtration medium for ground water and waste water treatment.

  • GeoSORB is and ideal polishing media after oil/water separators.

  • GeoSORB removes large, hydrophobic chlorinated organics with low solubility.  Many heavy metal compounds are also removed.


GeoSORB Applications

(5 good reasons to use GeoSORB)


  1. Protection of granular activated carbon from high molecular weight organic compounds.

  2. Protection of desalinization plants, ion exchange resins, reverse osmosis systems, air strippers and other membranes from fouling.

  3. Oil polishing of ultra-filtration systems and other membranes.

  4. Treatment of contaminated ground water for both organics and heavy metals.

  5. Protection of boilers in high temperature heat exchangers from oil in recycled condensates.


GeoSORB Advantages

5 MORE good reasons to use GeoSORB


  1. GeoSORB's absorption capacity for oil is up to 60% of its weight.

  2. When GeoSORB is spent, it has a BTU value of approximately 14,000 BTU/lb. 

  3. GeoSORB is non-hazardous and can be landfilled (via dumpster), incinerated, or bio-remediated by land farming.  A number of cement and lime manufacturers will accept spent GeoSORB as fuel.

  4. GeoSORB does not lose its effectiveness due to bacterial growth.

  5. GeoSORB works well in long, narrow carbon filters.  Pressure flow of 3-5 gallons per minute per square foot is desirable.

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