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March/April 2003 issue of Land and Water featuring the Wamego Geoweb Shoreline Stabilization project










Geoweb® Cellular Confinement System



Geoweb® Cellular Confinement System is providing innovative solutions to soil stabilization problems and turf protection needs. Comprehensive resources to design and construct cost-effective solutions to slope, channel, earth retention and load support applications.  Solutions from concept through construction..


Developed with the US Army Corps of Engineers

The Attached document Presto as the only original co-developer of the Geocell Confinement technology.  Our competitors often will suggest that they participated in the original development, and so we encourage you to read this document as poof that the Geoweb® Cellular Confinement Systems is the ORIGINAL & GENUINE Geocell Cellular Confinement System.

Please Note That::

  • Geoweb was invented in America by Presto and the Army Corps of Engineers and has always been manufactured in the USA.

  • You can count on honest project design and construction support from the same people who have protected soils across the globe for three decades.

  • We are leading with the highest quality materials, reliable performance and cost-savings innovations. 

Application demands for cellular confinement technology (CCT) expanded beyond the initial scope of that cooperative work into other areas, including slope and channel protection, earth retention and heavy load support applications with a variety of infill materials.  To address these new markets, Presto continued CCT research and implemented product improvements that resulted in today's higher joint strengths, better overall material performance and ultimately higher standards than reported in the original Corps standard.

Geoweb® Applications

Granular Soft Access Roads, Porous Pavements, Road Sub-Base, Parking Lots, Inter modal Yards, Track Sub-Ballast, Boat Ramps, Foundation Mattresses, Dike & Levee Fortification, Concrete Channel Lining And Protection, Fish Spawning Stabilization, Creek And River Bank Stabilization, Erosion Control on Steep Slopes, Erosion Protection, Composite And/Or Gravity Retaining Walls.  See how Geoweb® can help you reach your US Green Building Council (USGBC) LEED Credits confirmation goals.

Geoweb® Load Support System


Confinement with the Geoweb Load Support System produces a stiff base with high flexural strength. Acting like a semi-rigid slab, loads are distributed latterly reducing subgrade contact pressures. The Geoweb system provides a stable base for paved surfaces and surface stabilization for unpaved surfaces.

Geoweb® Earth Retention System

Using a multi-layer design, the Geoweb Earth Retention system allows you to configure structures to your application requirements. Classical methods of stability can be applied to this system and computerized evaluation is available for a broad range of infill, backfill and surcharge parameters.

Geoweb® Slope Protection System

Cellular confinement with the Geoweb Slope Protection System confines and reinforces infill material. This greatly improves both vegetated and non-vegetated slopes' resistance to erosive forces. Confinement prevents down-slope migration of individual particles, caused by gravity and hydraulic traction.

Geoweb® Channel Protection System

Cellular confinement with the Geoweb Channel Protection System provides flexible, durable protection within defined roughness and stability. Single or multi-layer protection systems are configured to meet a wide range of structural and hydraulic requirements.

Geoblock® Porous Pavement System

The Geoblock Porous Pavement System manufactured from up to 50% recycled polyethylene, is a series of interlocking blocks designed to offer turf protection and load support in areas used by heavy vehicles. The units create a flexible structural bridge system within the topsoil layer to support and distribute concentrated loads.


The ATRA Key Advantage

In a recent side-by-side productivity comparison exercise, Geoweb sections connected with ATRA keys proved nearly three times faster than using a stapler/staples.  Other ATRA Key benefits & the outstanding comparison results are available in the ATRA Key clear advantage link below.  A video will be placed on the website soon showing live footage of the exercise.  Input we’ve received from the field also confirms the benefits of using ATRA Keys instead of stapling. 

There are two methods to connect Geoweb sections. The ATRA® Key & the Stapling method were compared in a side by side test. The results highlight the ATRA Key option as the clear advantageAlso available: ATRA Key Brochure

We have seen much success with the ATRA Keys.  There are significant benefits over stapling  Once you use the keys, you won’t want to go back to stapling.
ATRA Key advantages
  • 3 times faster than stapling
  • 3 times stronger than stapling
  • Only 1 laborer required per Geoweb connection point vs. 2 for stapling
  • No equipment downtime for stapler reloads, jams
  • Safer and easier to maneuver than stapling
Two video links below showing the ATRA key benefits:
  • Comparison Video: ATRA Keys vs. Stapling 



Geowebb® / TRM High-Performance Vegetated Solutions

Impressive results from the Geoweb/TRM vegetated infill research for rip rap replacement in channels/drainage ditches, vegetated dams/spillways, and vegetated channel lining systems.

Research Performance Results
The Geoweb/TRM system was exposed to varying shear stresses and flow rates for channels with average velocities up to 26.5 ft./sec.  The Geoweb/TRM combined significantly exceeds the limits of separately reported values for both the Geoweb and TRMs.

Geoweb/TRM System Brochure:

Geoweb® Benefits

Load Support

A variety of local infill are available.  Geoweb® protects vegetative root zones, provides a flexible form creating a series of expansion joints for concrete infill and dramatically reduces road base thickness when compared to conventional designs.  Geoweb® is ideal for installation in remote or restricted access sites and provides flexible, durable protection.  Geoweb® gravity and composite retaining walls can be designed to almost any requirement. Geoweb® strengthens structural fills while differential and total settlement is significantly reduced.  Geoweb® reduces pavement deflection, rutting and maintenance costs.  Geoweb® is lightweight and packaged in compact bundles for easy shipment.

Textured and Perforated Geoweb® Cell Walls

The Geoweb® Cellular Confinement System consists of solid, textured or perforated cell walls.  The textured Geoweb® has diamond shaped indentations molded into the surface of the cell walls significantly increasing the frictional interlock between the surface of the cell and the infill material.  The Perforated Geoweb® Cellular Confinement System provides optimum frictional interlock between cell walls and concrete, stone or vegetative infill materials while significantly improving drainage characteristics of the designed and integrated Geoweb® Cellular Confinement system.

The links below require a PDF Reader to view them.  IF needed, click on the "Get Adobe Reader" Button below to download a FREE copy. 

Geoweb® Specifications

The Geoweb® system is manufactured from quality products under an ISO-9002 quality management system.


Soil Stabilization Specs and Guides

Find complete specifications and installation guides to design and build soil stabilization and surface flow solutions.


Build a customized specification easily with our SPECMaker® Tool. Check out our Request for Project Evaluation service for a complimentary preliminary design evaluation.

ATRA® Keys, ATRA® Anchors and other GEOWEB® devices design stronger systems and save contractors time and money on installation.



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GEOWEB® General Specs & Guides

Geoweb Specification Summary
Geoweb Material Specification
SPECMaker Tool
10-Year Geoweb Limited Warranty
Geoweb Product Overview


GEOWEB® Load Support

Geoweb Sizes & Specifications
Geoweb Load Support CSI Specification
SPECmaker Tool for Load Support
Geoweb Load Installation
Geoweb Load Support Product Overview

Geoweb Reinforced Oil and Gas Access Roads

Geoweb Mining Haul Road Load Support


GEOWEB® Slope Protection

Geoweb Sizes & Specifications
Geoweb Slope Protection CSI Specification
Geoweb Slope Protection Installation
SPECMaker Tool for Slopes
Geoweb Anchor Spacing Charts - Imperial
Geoweb Anchor Spacing Charts - Metric
Geoweb Slope Protection Product Overview


GEOWEB® Channel Protection

Geoweb Sizes & Specifications
Geoweb Channel Installation
Geoweb Channel Protection CSI Specification
SPECMaker Tool for Channels
Geoweb Anchor Spacing Charts - Imperial
Geoweb Anchor Spacing Charts - Metric
Geoweb Product Overview

GEOWEB® Vegetated Retaining Walls

Geoweb Sizes & Specifications
Geoweb Earth Retention CSI Specification
Geoweb Wall Section Specification
Geoweb Earth Retention Installation
SPECMaker Tool for Vegetated Walls
Geoweb Retaining Wall Product Overview


GEOWEB® System Components

The ATRA Key Advantage: ATRA Key vs. Stapling
ATRA Key vs. Stapling Video
ATRA Drivers


GEORUNNER® Surface Flow Protection

GeoRunner Flow Protection Specification Summary
GeoRunner Flow Protection Specification CSI-format
GeoRunner Product Overview



We have created multiple Simplified Installation Guides for each of our most common GEOWEB® Cellular Confinement System applications.

Three Versions Each for Slope Protection

  1. ATRA® Anchors Only
  2. Tendons & ATRA® Anchors
  3. Tendons & ATRA® Tendon Clips

Three Versions Each for Channel Protection

  1. ATRA® Anchors Only
  2. Tendons & ATRA® Anchors
  3. Tendons & ATRA® Tendon Clips

Two Versions for Earth Retention 

  1. Gravity
  2. Geosynthetic-Reinforced

One Version for Load Support

         Load Support System


geoweb® Case Studies

Geoweb® Generall

General Geoweb

History of Geocells-Presto invented the technology with the US Army Corps of Engineers (.pdf)

Geoweb® Load Support System

Surface Stabilization

Carlton Memorial Reserve Roadway and Parking (.pdf)
Sarasota County, Florida

Eglin Air Force Base Roadway (.pdf)
Eglin, AFB, Florida

Sand Roads (.pdf)

Waimea Temporary Beach Access (.pdf)
Waimea Bay, Hawaii

Roadway Shoulder Stabilization

Stabilized Vegetation: Greendale Road Shoulder (.pdf)
Greendale, Wisconsin

Stabilized Aggregate: Road Shoulder Overview (.pdf)

Roadway Base Stabilization

Kent County (.pdf)
Kent County, Michigan

Highway E (.pdf)
Freedom, Wisconsin

Highway 60 Test (.pdf)
Lodi, Wisconsin

Porous Pavement

Porous Pavement System Overview (.pdf)

Palouse-Clearwater Environmental Institute (PCEI) (.pdf)
Moscow, Idahoo

Vegetated Porous Pavement Application Overview (.pdf)

SOKA University (.pdf)
Aliso Viejo, California

LEED® Green Building

Geoweb System Contributes to LEED Credits (.pdf)


Solutions for Trails and Greenways Overview (.pdf)

Nahant Marsh Trail (.pdf)
Davenport, Iowa

City of the Colony Trail (.pdf)
City of the Colony, Texas

Geauga Park District Horse Trail (.pdf)
Geauga County, Ohio

Manistee North Country Trail (.pdf)
Manistee National Forest, Michigan

Service Road-Golf Path on Caribbean Island (.pdf)

Intermodal/Port Facilities

Stabilization of Intermodal and Port Facilities Overview (.pdf)

High Steel Facility (.pdf)
Lancaster, Pennsylvania

Port of Oakland Berth 55 Article (.pdf)
Oakland, California

Port of Oakland Berth 55 Full Story (.pdf)
Oakland, California

Mining Applications

Geoweb Mining Applications Overview (.pdf)

Moon Creek Tailings Containment (.pdf)
Idaho Panhandle National Forest, Shoshone County, Idaho

Moon Creek Technical Paper (.pdf)
Idaho Panhandle National Forest, Shoshone County, Idaho


Geoweb Airport Applications Overview (.pdf)

Cleveland Hopkins Int'l Airport De-Icing Drainage Layer: Summary (.pdf)
Cleveland, Ohio

Cleveland Hopkins Int'l Airport De-Icing Drainage Layer (.pdf)
Cleveland, Ohio


Geoweb Tank Trail Roads (.pdf)

Railroad Sub-Ballastt

Geoweb Reinforced Track Sub-Ballast Overview (.pdf)

Geoweb Track Application Overview:Case Studies (.pdf)

Soft Subgrade Remedies under Heavy Axle Loads (.pdf)
2.5-year TTCI Test Results

Test of Geoweb to Improve Track Stability Over Soft Soils Technical Paper (.pdf)
Assn of American Railroads, Technology Digest

British Rail Track Sub-Ballast Stabilization (.pdf)

Boat Ramps

Boat Ramp Overview (.pdf)

Low Water Crossings

Florida Power & Light (.pdf)

Cove Mt. Farm Stream Crossing (.pdf)

US Forest Service Low Water Crossing (.pdf)
Chattahoochee-Oconee National Forest, Georgia

Sludge Drying Beds

Geoweb Sludge Drying Beds (.pdf)
Sarasota County, Florida

Geoweb® Slope Protection System

Vegetated Slopes

Vegetated Slopes: Case Study Summary (.pdf)

Permeable Slopes

Permeable Slopes: Case Study Summary (.pdf)


Geomembrane Protection:Case Study Summary (.pdf)

Highway Right-of-Way/Railroad

Castle Rock Railroad Embankment (.pdf)
Castle Rock, Washington

Colonel Danforth Trail (.pdf)
Ontario, Canada

Cootes Paradise (.pdf)
Hamilton, Ont, Canada

Highway 401/7 (.pdf)
Halton Hills, Ont., Canada

Elm Street Bridge (.pdf)
St Charles, Missouri


Devil Canyon Hydroelectric Power Plant (.pdf)
San Bernardino, California

Jefferson County Waste Transfer (.pdf)
Bessemer, Alabama

Latah Creek Santary Sewer Main Repair (.pdf)
Spokane, Washington

Containment/Lagoon/Geomembrane Protection

Geomembrane Protection Case Study Summary (.pdf)

Mud Lake Dam Liner Protection (.pdf)
Gardnerville, Nevada

Pyrite Remediation I-99 (.pdf)
State College, Pennsylvania

Dallas Eastside Water Treatment Plant (.pdf)
Dallas, Texas

James River Lagoon (.pdf)
Marathon, Ont., Canada

Jet Fuel Containment Lagoon (.pdf)
Pittsburgh Airport, Pennsylvania

Syncrude Oilsands Tailings Pond (.pdf)
Ft McMurray, Alberta, Canada

Usiminis Stormwater Retention Basin (.pdf)
Ipatinga, Minas Gerais, Brazil

Shoreline Protection

Chicago Botanical Garden Restoration (.pdf)
Chicago, Illinois

Lake Michigan Shoreline (.pdf)
South Haven, Michigan

Lake Isabella/Little Miami River (.pdf)
Hamilton County, Ohio

Dinosaur Provincial Park (.pdf)
Brooks, Alberta, Canada

Regina Shoreline Sewage Lagoon (.pdf)
Regina, Sask., Canada

Wamego Shoreline Restoration (.pdf)
Wamego, Kansas

Seski Pond (.pdf)
Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania

Mining Applications

Geoweb Mining Applications Overview (.pdf)

Dike & Levees/Dams

Petrochemical Company, Repair/Upgrade (.pdf)
Sarnia, Ont., Canada

LEED® Green Building

Geoweb System Contributes to LEED Credits (.pdf)

Research: Vegetated Channels

High Performance Vegetated Solutions: Research Synopsis Geoweb with TRM (.pdf)

Geoweb® Channel Protection System

Concrete Channels

Concrete Channels: Case Study Summary (.pdf)

Vegetated Channels

Vegetated Channels: Case Study Summary (.pdf)

Research: Vegetated Channels

High Performance Vegetated Solutions: Research Synopsis Geoweb with TRM (.pdf)

Swales/Drainage Ditches

Crestwood Swale (.pdf)
Los Angeles, California


West Bouldin Creek (.pdf)
Austin, Texas

Cirby Creek (.pdf)
Roseville, California

Molly Ann's Brook Flood Control (.pdf)
US Army Corps Flood Control Project, Haledon, New Jersey

Underwood Creek (.pdf)
Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Los Trancos Creek (.pdf)
Newport Beach, California

Ruisseau Leamy (.pdf)
Hull, Quebec, Canada

Ruisseau Leamy (French) (.pdf)
Hull, Quebec, Canada

Stormwater Channels: Vegetated

Opa-Locka Canal (.pdf)
Opa-locka, Florida

Stormwater Channels: Aggregate

Legends Field Case Study (.pdf)
Tampa, Florida

Stormwater Channels: Concrete

AG Simpson Stormwater Channel (.pdf)
Oakville, Ont., Canada

Ayalon Stormwater Channel (.pdf)
Tel-Aviv, Israel

Empire Landfill Down Chute Channel (.pdf)
Taylor, Pennsylvania

Mining Applications

Geoweb Mining Applications Overview (.pdf)

Geoweb® Retaining Walls/Earth Retention System

Earth Retention/General Retaining Walls

Earth Retention: Vegetated Walls Case Study Summary (.pdf)

Avalanche Barrier

Avalanche Protection (.pdf)
Siglufjordur, Iceland

Industrial/Road Right-of-Way

Broadmoor Road (.pdf)
Bayside, Wisconsin

Chiba Prefecture Wall (.pdf)

Kressview Springs Condominium (.pdf)
Cambridge, Ont., Canada

Kressview Springs Condominium - Phase II (.pdf)
Kressview Springs Condominium - Phase II

Legacy Village Shopping Center (.pdf)
Lyndhurst, Ohio

Phoenix Park (.pdf)
Kangwan-do, Korea

Moreland Hills (.pdf)
Moreland Hills, Ohio

Cerra de Arena (Spanish) (.pdf)

Tanner Moffett Creeks, Columbia River Gorge (.pdf)

Stacked Channel/Shoreline

West Bouldin Creek (.pdf)
Austin, Texas

Schlitt Seawall Dike (.pdf)
Vero Beach, Florida

Ruisseau Leamy (.pdf)
Hull, Quebec, Canada

Ruisseau Leamy (French) (.pdf)
Hull, Quebec, Canada

Los Trancos Creek (.pdf)
Newport Beach, California

Mining & Dams

Geoweb Mining Applications Overview (.pdf)

Olivenhain Dam (.pdf)
San Diego County, California

Culvert Headwall

Uranium City Culvert Headwall (.pdf)
Uranium City, Sask., Canada

City of Hull Culvert Headwall (.pdf)
Hull, Quebec, Canada

LEED® Green Building

Geoweb System Contributes to LEED Credits (.pdf)

Geoweb® Shoreline Protection SystemBack to top

Vegetated Shorelines

Chicago Botanical Garden Restoration (.pdf)
Chigago, Illinois

Lake Michigan Shoreline (.pdf)
South Haven, Michigan

Lake Isabella/Little Miami River (.pdf)
Hamilton County, Ohio

Dinosaur Provincial Park (.pdf)
Brooks, Alberta, Canada

Regina Shoreline Sewage Lagoon (.pdf)
Regina, Sask., Canada

Wamego Shoreline Restoration (.pdf)
Wamego, Kansas

Seski Pond (.pdf)
Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania

Flood Walls/Seawalls

Schlitt Seawalls (.pdf)
Vero Beach, Florida

Porous Pavement Systems

Geoblock® Porous Pavement

Fire Access Lanes

Geoblock Fire Access Case Study Summary (.pdf)

Fire Access Lanes|Pedestrian Green Areas

Friends University (.pdf)
Wichita, Kansas

SOKA University (.pdf)
Aliso Viejo, California

Green Parking

Phipps Conservatory Event Parking (.pdf)
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvaniaa

Jack Darling Park (.pdf)
Mississauga, Ont., Canada


Solutions for Trails and Greenways (.pdf)

Museum of Science and Industry Walking Trail (.pdf)
Tampa, Florida

Walking Pathway (.pdf)
Caribbean Island

ATV/OHM Trail-Hardening

Hard Trails in Alaska Article (.pdf)

Palmer Hay Flats ATV Trail (.pdf)

Aitkin and Itasca Counties Trail (.pdf)
Aitkin & Itasca Counties, Minnesota

National Park Service, Managing Degraded Off-Highway Vehicle Trails in Wet, Unstable, and Sensitive Environments Handbook (.pdf)
Kodiak Island, Alaska

Trail Hardening Applications (.pdf)

Grass Steps

Edith Wharton's The Mount Grass Stairs (.pdf)
Lenox, Massachusetts

GeoPave® Porous Pavement

Permeable Parking

Citadel Alumni Parking Lot-Project Snapshot (.pdf)
Charleston, South Carolina

Citadel Alumni Parking-Full Stormwater article (.pdf)
Charleston, NC

Road Shoulders

Auburn Road Shoulder Stabilization (.pdf)
Auburn, Maine

FilterPave® Porous Pavement Glass

Recycled Material Content

How Many Glass Bottles Make One Square Foot of FilterPave Pavements (.pdf)


ReVISION House Retrofit, Las Vegas, Nevada (.pdf)

Parking Areas

Heritage Park ADA-Accessible Parking (.pdf)
Ft. Meade, Florida

USDOE National Energy Renewable Lab (NREL) (.pdf)
Golden, Colorado


Cordell Shipping Container Facility (.pdf)
Houston, Texas


International Crane Foundation Trail (.pdf)
Baraboo, Wisconsin

Morton Arboretum Walkway (.pdf)
Lisle, Illinois

Toledo Ohio Zoo (.pdf)


Western Suffolk BOCES, NY Walkways/Sidewalks (.pdf)
Western Suffolk, NY

Boat Launch

Mattituck Boat Launch (.pdf)
Long Island, New Jersey


Cabin on Lake Travis Driveway & Sidewalk (.pdf)
Lago Vista, Texas

Emerald Site Services Driveway (.pdf)
Frankfort, Illinois

FirmaPaveBack to top


ReVISION House Retrofit, Las Vegas, Nevada (.pdf)

Portable Mats

GeoTerra® Structural Mats

Wind Farmss

Geoterra and Geoweb in Wind Farm Roadways (.pdf)


GeoTerra Helipads Article (.pdf)

Geoblock® Porous Pavement System

Geoblock: A System with Integrity: Geoblock® Standard 5150 (GB 5150) and the Geoblock® Porous Pavement Systems are a series of interlocking, polyethylene paving units designed to provide superior load support and turf protection for emergency and utility access lanes, auxiliary parking, golf cart pathways, trails, and other high-use application areas. The Geoblock® system provides vehicular and pedestrian load support while protecting the grass from the harmful effects of traffic. The Geoblock system covers a larger surface area per unit .5m x 1.0m x 50mm (20" x 40" x 2 inch Nominal), reducing costs and increasing ease of installation. The system's four-sided tabular, interlocking joint design aids in pattern layout and transfers shear loads from block to block.


GeoTERRA Structural Mat System


More cost-efficient than other reinforcement mat systems, the GEOTERRA™ system can be utilized for either temporary or permanent applications. Individual GEOTERRA™ units are locked together to form a network of interconnected structural mats suitable for supporting a wide variety of vehicle and equipment loads over access roads, platforms, helipads and other areas. With high crush strength, the GEOTERRA™ system has demonstrated the ability to handle the forces from some of the heaviest wheeled and tracked vehicle loads. The GEOTERRA™ system is an integrated, open, structural mat that consists of varying components depending on site conditions and loading requirements. The system’s design and construction flexibility allows the use of only those components required for the project, reducing cost and waste. Consult GeoCHEM, Inc. for assistance in determining appropriate system components for specific project needs.

Three typical mat systems are presented below, listed in order from the most basic to the most rigorous requirements.

GEOTERRA Units • PadLoc Connection Device • Stakes or Earth Anchors (optional)

Geomembrane • Non-Woven Geotextile/Geomembrane  • Single or Multiple Layers of Geotextile

Non-Woven Geotextile • GEOTERRA Drainage System •
High-Strength Woven Geotextile

Temporary or Permanent Use • Access Roads over Soft Ground / Remote Locations • Oil-drilling Platforms • construction Site Access • Cemetery and Utility Access over Lawns • Light-to-Heavy Equipment / Vehicle Storage • Helipads • Equipment / Vehicle Display at Expos and Special Events • Emergency Site Access


Geoweb® & Geoblock® Design Assistance

GeoCHEM will provide design assistance on specific Geoweb® projects with local professional engineers familiar with site soils and project characteristics.  GeoCHEM will also provide comprehensive construction specifications, drawings, installation instructions, design software and on-site technical support for the following Geoweb® applications:

  • Slope Protection

  • Earth Retention

  • Channel Protection

  • Load Support

[Contact Us] for design assistance, specifications and/or technical field support and representation.  Geoweb® Cellular Confinement Systems; "Solutions for An Unstable World.

Submit Geoblock® and/or Geoweb® Project Information

Submit Project Information Project information will be placed in Presto's Project Library as reference and will be considered for case studies and/or magazine editorials.

ISO 9001 CERTIFICATION - Higher Standards



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