Ice Master Rink Liners

Product Description

ICEMASTER is a low-cost single ply sheeting made with a white or off-white tough, puncture resistance polymeric alloy.

Why a polymeric alloy?

A polymeric alloy combines flexibility, elongation, reparability of vinyl with a cold crack resistance and durability of polymeric additives. The product is also made without a reinforcing scrim or middle-ply. With proper care the liner can provide years of ice-skating fun.  ICEMASTER can be provided in single ply panels up to to total rink sizes or 75,000 square feet for ease of installation. 

Rinks can be installed in strategic locations throughout a community or your own backyard.

Safe: The safety feature of ICEMASTER can't be over-emphasized. Community recreation leaders and parents throughout the nation have endoresed ICEMASTER because it offers fun without the hazards that sometime turn skating fun into tragic accidents on ponds, lakes and streams.

Longer, Better Season: Direct contact of ice with dirt, asphalt and other surfaces that absorb heat causes premature melting. These surfaces absorb enough heat to make ice unsuitable for continued skating use. ICEMASTER provides a better and longer season because it acts as an insulator, while its white surface reflects heat. ICEMASTER also offers the advantage of harder, clearer ice. Tests have indicated that with the use of ICEMASTER, 35% to 200% additional skating time is possible. ICEMASTER is especially advantages in regions where there is the constant fluctuation of freezing and thawing. 

Installation Instructions

Site Selection: The site needs to be relatively flat but not perfectly flat. Obviously water will seek its own level and any sloped site will require more water to be filled in order to fill the rink and achieve the minimum desired water level. In this regard tennis courts, basketball courts and atheletic fields are excellent site selections for ICEMASTER rink liners. Remove all debris from the selected site.

Perimeter Boundary: The ICEMASTER rink liner must be placed within a heightened boundary made of hay bales, 2" thick (min.) boards or equivalent. The liner must lay flat against the perimeter boundary so that it does not "bridge" between the ground and the perimeter boundary. GeoCHEM can provide recommendations for perimeter boundary installation.

Spreading The Liner: ICEMASTER is shipped accordion-folded in both dimensions to facilitate spreading. The liner should spread first in the length direction and should be placed as close as possible to its final position to avoid having to drag the liner into position later. Spreading the liner in the length direction off the back of a truck or similar equipment will simplify the process. Once spread in the length direction the ICEMASTER panel can be spread manually in the width direction. ICEMASTER rink liners weigh .07 lbs. per square foot.

Seaming The Liner: If a site size is larger than 75,000 square feet, two panels may need to be seamed together.  GeoCHEM will provide asy seaming instructions in such a case.

Flooding The Rink: Fill the rink to a minimum 4" depth or deeper for adequate ice strength. 

Low Cost

Cost per day of skating with the use of ICEMASTER is less than artificial or earth bank rinks. ICEMASTER is made of heavy-guage sheeting, which makes it resistant to tears and cuts. Because ICEMASTER'S durability, it can be used season after season.

Faster Freezing, Longer Lasting Ice

Continual spraying, re-filling, water run-off and ground saturation are problems avoided with ICEMASTER liners. ICEMASTER liners will dramatically reduce damage to lawns as emptying only needs to happen one time per year. 


Repair on small holes can be made with a small apply-on patch. Larger holes or tears can be made with a patch of the same liner material and repair adhesive.


Careful handling of your ICEMASTER rink liner will add to its service life. Avoid walking on the liner with boots that entrap stones in their soles. Walk on the liner with tennis shoes if possible. Fold the ICEMASTER liner into 5-10' wide accordion fold. Find a carpet core or other heavy duty core as wide as your accordion fold. Roll the ICEMASTER liner on to the roll keeping as tight as possible. Tapeafter you roll up completely. Store on a pallet out of direct weather elements for use next year. Inspect the liner for damage as you fold and roll up.

ICEMASTER liners must be ordered in panel width increments of 5' width. Please list panel width first when
ordering; i.e. - 60' X 100' Denotes a panel width of 60' and a panel length of 100'


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