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Percol Is A Rapid Repair and Restoration Polymer & Slurry for Roads, Highways, Bridges, Airport Runways And Much More.  Percol Machine Dispensed Versions are Traffic Ready In 10 Minutes.   Percol Hand-Mixed Versions are Traffic Ready in 1 Hour and are great for the homeowner or private concern for the repair and restoration of asphalt and concrete without the expense of hiring a contractor!  Percol Is An Effective And Efficient Asphalt & Concrete Load Bearing Repair Polymer and Slurry.  Highway and Road Closures Are Greatly Minimized.  Department of Transportation Approved By Material Labs and Maintenance Departments For Our U.S. Highways, Bridges and Roads.   DOT Approved Sealants.  US Armed Forces Approved for Military Runways, Aprons and Taxiways.  Percol Provides A Long Term Load Bearing Rapid Repair Solution For Your Concrete And Asphalt Restoration Needs.  Various Percol Products Are Available In Both Machine Dispensed And Hand Applied Versions for commercial and private use.  Percol Repair, Resurfacing and Sealing!   Click here for Application Illustrations.


1201 PERCOL Elastic Cement AC is a machined dispensed polymer for asphalt reconstruction.  Suitable for narrow or wide cracks, alligatoring, and pot-holes.  No asphalt removal. Repairs support load, restore aggregate interlock, improve ride, and blend in visually with surrounding pavement.  A thin sand-topped coat fuel-and water-proofs asphalt.
Also available in 21 oz
Dual Cartridge Kits P/N 1206.

1202 PERCOL Alligator Glue is a hand mixed version of Elastic Cement AC and is supplied in convenient six packs (3 half gallons each of "A" and "B").  Combined with aggregates, it forms a high performance, quick setting, flexible polymer concrete.  Within an hour of placement, durable repairs are ready for traffic.  Withstands vibration, heavy traffic loads, and thermal movement.  Available in Black.  For repair of Asphalt.
Also available in 21 oz
Dual Cartridge Kits P/N 1206.

1205A PERCOL Asphalt Welder is a machine dispensed polymer polymer for restoring cracked asphalt. This low viscosity, rapid curing polymer penetrates spidered and hairline cracks. Cracks 1/8" and wider are filled with sand then saturated with Asphalt Welder to form a high strength polymer asphalt. Spalls are repaired with 1/4" to 1" aggregates depending on size and depth of spall.
Also available in 21 oz Dual Cartridge Kits P/N 1206


1207 PERCOL GeoFlo Rapid Asphalt Repair Slurry is supplied in five gallon kits for reconstruction of deteriorated asphalt with NO ASPHALT REMOVAL  Suitable for narrow or wide cracks, alligatoring, and small pot-holes. Repairs support load, restore aggregate interlock, improve ride, and blend in visually with surrounding pavement.  A thin coat fuels and water proofs asphalt.
Percol GeoFlo Asphalt Repair Kit Includes Everything You Need To Complete Your Asphalt Repair!


Asphalt Pothole Repair, Broken Asphalt Repair, Asphalt Crack Repair, Asphalt Parking Deck Repair, Asphalt Highway Repair, Asphalt Parking Lot Repair, Asphalt Driveway Repair, Asphalt Sidewalk Repair, Level Uneven Asphalt Repair, Asphalt Highway Shoulder Repair, Alligator Asphalt Repair, Asphalt Walkway Repair, Asphalt Airport Runway Repair, Asphalt Ramp Repair, Asphalt Equipment Bases, Foundation, Asphalt Loading Dock Repair, Asphalt Manhole Repair

GeoFlo Asphalt Repair Video Demonstration No. 1     GeoFlo Asphalt Repair Video Demonstration No 2



Percol Elastic Cement/Concrete Welder - Concrete Repair

1203 PERCOL Elastic Cement is a machine dispensed polymer for concrete spall repair and overlays.  Combined with aggregates forms high performance, rapid setting flexible polymer concrete.  Within ten minutes, durable repairs are ready for traffic.  Withstands vibration, heavy traffic loads, and thermal movement. 
Also available in 21 oz
Dual Cartridge Kits P/N 1206

Percol Elastic Cement/Concrete Welder - Concrete Repair 1204 PERCOL Dopey Soup is a hand mixed version of Elastic Cement and is supplied in convenient six packs (3 half gallons each of "A" and "B").  Combined with aggregates, it forms a high performance, quick setting, flexible polymer concrete.  Within an hour of placement, durable repairs are ready for traffic.  Withstands vibration, heavy traffic loads, and thermal movement.  Available in Gray and other colors on special order.  Used in control joints. For repair of Concrete and Asphalt. 
Also available in 21 oz
Dual Cartridge Kits P/N 1206

1205C PERCOL Concrete Welder is a machine dispensed or cartridge dispensed polymer for restoring cracked concrete.  This low viscosity, rapid curing polymer penetrates hairline cracks.  Cracks 1/8" and wider are filled with sand then saturated with Concrete Welder to form a high strength polymer concrete.  Spalls are repaired with 1/4" to 1" aggregates depending on size and depth of spall. 
Also available in 21 oz
Dual Cartridge Kits P/N 1206

1208 PERCOL GeoSet Rapid Concrete Repair Slurry is supplied in five gallon kits. Geo-Set is for repair of concrete spalls and restoration of concrete at the joints. Odorless, non-flammable, fast curing & strong, this concrete repair kit is a pourable slurry that is easily poured into wide cracks and spalls. It bonds without priming. Broadcasting uniformly graded sand on uncured Geo-Set creates a high traction surface. Supports traffic in one hour! Percol GeoSet Concrete Repair Kit Includes Everything You Need To Complete Your Concrete Repair!


Concrete Pothole Repair, Concrete Spall Repair, Broken Concrete Repair, Concrete Crack Repair, Concrete Floor Repair, Concrete Parking Deck Repair, Concrete Highway Repair, Concrete parking Lot Repair, Concrete Driveway Repair, Concrete Sidewalk Repair, Level Uneven Concrete Repair, Concrete Highway Shoulder Repair, Concrete Bridge Repair, Concrete Walkway Repair, Concrete Airport Runway Repair, Concrete Playground Repair, Concrete Ramp Repair, Concrete Loading Dock Repair, Concrete Slab Repair, Concrete Equipment Bases, Foundations

Click Here for a GeoFlo Video Demonstration.
This video demo is for GeoFlo Asphalt Repair Slurry HOWEVER the mixing procedures are the same for GeoSet Concrete Repair Slurry!




1206 PERCOL Dual Cartridges allows for a a fast, simple way to repair concrete and asphalt.  The polymer (asphalt or concrete polymer) is dispensed from the twin cartridges with a dual cartridge gun.  Repairs look great, no mess!  One cartridge tube contains polymers and pigments and the other cartridge tube contains the catalyst.  A static mixer is attached at the tip of the cartridge kit which mixes the two components together prior dispensing into the area of repair. Neat repairs (without mess) are easily achieved.  Repairs are ready for traffic within 30 minutes or less at 75 degrees Fahrenheit



PERCOL VariFlo Plural Component Dispensing Equipment



New and Improved, the Percol VariFlo, Low Pressure Polymer Dispensers are built at our plant and designed for the application of our machine dispensed versions of the Percol Polymer Line of Products. A VariFlo equipment manual is available here, designed as a guideline from start up to shut down, trouble shooting, operating tips, pump diagram and cutaways, gun assembly, rheostat control, parts & warranty.


VariFlo 5-15 Polymer Dispenser for 10 or 30 Gallon Capacity

A low pressure 1:1 ratio 110V polymer delivery system that can run a 10 gallon kit or a 30 gallon kit of our Polymers.

VariFlo 15-50 Polymer Dispenser for 30 or 100 Gallon Capacity

A low pressure 1:1 ratio 110V polymer delivery system that can run a 30 gallon kit or a 100 gallon kit of our Polymers.

VariFlo Upright Polymer Dispenser

A lightweight portable machine that can be transported in the back of a pickup truck. The machine has two brackets that allow the machine to be hung quickly and easily wherever it is most convenient to the user: on a tone, drum, fence, or tailgate. VariFlo can also be attached to a lightweight dolly and rolled along the repair project. For highway repairs or extensive damage, use the highly portable VariFlo Upright Polymer Dispensing machine which can be set up and used by one person in just a few minutes. The VariFlo machine dispenses Concrete Welder (available in gray or black) to quickly and easily repair large volume pavement damage.

For additional information and/or to discuss your application needs, please feel free to contact us online.


Armored Nosing and Joint Repair Control Joints Deep Spall Repair
Full Depth Crack Repair Header and Joint Replacement Isolation Joint At Retaining Wall
Joint Repair Using Existing Headers Protective Surface Overlay Slip Joint Surface Repair
  Traffic Sensor Loop  





1210 Specification Guidelines: Percol Rapid Set Repair for Portland cement concrete and asphalt concrete pavements 

1211 Detector Loop Installation Guidelines And Specifications This work consists of installation of traffic detector loops in accordance with the requirements of section (insert) of the Standard Specifications, except as follows.  Loop sealer shall be a rapid setting urethane resin.


We are dedicated to providing Percol Polymers, Percol Equipment and Percol Installation Methods for use in sound pavement preservation* programs for our public and private streets, roads and highway systems.


We manufacture and supply specific polymers, treated aggregates, special equipment, simple procedures for rapid, durable, maintenance and rehabilitation of high-traffic load bearing concrete and asphalt pavements.


Percol is a valuable resource tool for public road maintenance professionals and the contractors who support them.


*Pavement Preservation is "a program employing a network level, long-term strategy that enhances pavement performance by using an integrated, cost-effective set of practices that extend pavement life, improve safety and meet motorist expectations."  Source: FHWA Pavement Preservation Expert Task Group


*Pavement preservation is a cost-effective set of practices that extend pavement life and improve safety and motorist satisfaction while saving public tax dollars.  Source: NCPP The National Center For Pavement Preservation




Evaluating Pavement Patching Materials, Polymers and Elastomeric Concretes (PDF)





PERCOL rapid repair technology originated with a United States Air Force research project begun in 1983 to create improved Bomb Damage Repair Techniques for airfields. Rapid repairs for bombed runways were needed for the 33 NATO Air Bases in Europe. 

No available repair materials satisfied speed and structural requirements for runways under the full range of the conditions of weather and temperature needed by the Air Force.  The University of Texas performed research using pre-placed aggregates and an acrylic polymer, methyl methacrylate (MMA).  Brookhaven National Laboratory formulate polymer concrete systems based on Furfural Alcohol thought suitable for this requirement.  But it was the BDM Corporation and Batelle Columbus Laboratories with  polyurethane products formulated by PERCOL Chemists that finally met the full range of performance needs of the United States Air Force for RAPID RUNWAY REPAIR

After Air Force approval of PERCOL polymers in 1984, products were submitted to Leo Ferroni of the California Department of Transportation Research Laboratory in Sacramento and to Mike Sprinkel of the Virginia Transportation Research Counsel at the University of Virginia. 

By 1988 rapid repair processes specifically for roads and bridges were in use on the interstate highways.  Materials were safe to use and repairs provided long term durability with short cure times (repairs open to traffic within 10 minutes!).  And, for the first time durable winter repairs were practical. 

On October 17, 1989 at 5:04 p.m. the San Andreas fault shifted, and the people in the San Francisco Bay Area felt the violent shaking for 15 seconds.  A freeway collapsed on itself.  A 50 foot section of the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge crashed to the deck below.  The Bay Bridge sustained heavy damage, and for the first time in 50 years, was closed. 

PERCOL Elastic Cement was selected by CALTRANS officials for the repair of the epoxy modified asphalt overlay for the upper deck of the San Francisco Bay Bridge.  Repairs were completed in 10 days without disrupting other required work. 

Thus began PERCOL rapid repair for roads, highways, bridges, runways & aprons ... traffic ready in 10 minutes ...


Alan Eades
Manager, ATCO Frontec Europe, Kandahar Afghanistan Airfield Project

"..... GeoFlo. It is an excellent product which we have used many times to patch holes in the airfield surfaces caused by everything from divots made by dropped engine parts to rocket damage.  We have found the dopey soup great for filling small shallow depressions and gouges in the asphalt as well.

Alan Eades
Roads and Grounds
ATCO Frontec Europe
Kandahar Airfield Project"

Paul Von Norman

Caltrans Maintenance Supervisor, Escondido, CA

"I need a product to handle crack repairs, spalling, and particularly bridge decks and approaches where different rates of flexibility are a problem. I've tried all the alternatives but nothing works like this.

It's really amazing - I've never had a single failure, and I started using it on an R&D basis since 1988. You can expect 10 years of life from your repairs."

Tom Pellerin
Caltrans Maintenance Supervisor, Lancaster, CA

"It's an excellent product... particularly for shallow depressions or alligatored surfaces like wheel ruts. I save on labor - 40% of the crew needed for the asphalt crew, in fact it can be spot-applied by a single worker. To make it even more economical, I extend it by mixing it with clean aggregate."

Bill Kirk
Public Works Road Maintenance Supervisor, Lake Forest, CA

"I love it... I use it anywhere I've got a problem - potholes, manholes, alligatored surfaces. It works well, and lasts long."

Stephen Ricker
Manager, Corporate Aviation Services, Wal*Mart Stores, Inc.

"Percol repaired a badly cracked and broken section of taxi-way to our hangers... the alternative was a very expensive replacement of the concrete, but Percol cleaned up the damage beautifully. And the repair to our asphalt parking lot is excellent too."

Chris Finberg
Department of Field Operations, Las Vegas, Nevada

"This is the second year we have used the material on our roads, and its advantages make it well worth our investment. I would have never started using this material if I didn't know/think that it has the ability to perform at an acceptable level."

Carl Cartwight
General Manager, Facilities Maintenance, Wal*Mart Stores, Inc.

"I used the Percol products to repair the cracked and chipped areas of concrete at the entrance to our Home Office building. The job was done quickly and simply - this stuff really works"



McCarran International Airport, Las Vegas
SeaTac Airport, Seattle, Washington
John F. Kennedy Airport, New York
Dulles International Airport, Washington DC
MBS International Airport, Saginaw, Michigan
Pittsburgh Airport, Pennsylvania
Portland Airport, Oregon
Newark Airport, New Jersey
Nashville Airport, Tennessee
Richmond International  Airport, Virginia
O’Hara Airport, Chicago, Illinois
Raleigh-Durham Airport, North Carolina
Mineta San Jose International Airport, San Jose, CA
Williams Gateway Airport, Mesa, AZ
Charleston County Aviation Authority, Charleston, SC
P.A.F. Base Lahore, Pakistan
Roads and Grounds, ATCO Frontec Europe, Kandahar Airfield Project


US Air Base-Ballard-Iraq
US Air Force-Elmendorf Alaska
Tyndall Air Force Base – FL
Charleston Air Force Base- SC
Applied Research Associate for Tyndall Air Force Base –Florida
Pyramid Services, Palmdale CA (Space Shuttle + Heaviest Jets)
Pacific Missile Range Navy- Hawaii
Maya Foreign Trade- Iraq US Forces (290 five gallon (5 gal) Pail Kits
Beale Air Force Base, CA
Dover Air Force Base, DE (400 gl. for Iraq )
Langley AFB, VA (72 Kits GeoFlo & 33 Kits Alligator Glue)
Army Corps of Engineers, Vicksburg, MS (10/10gl. Kits Percol Alligator Glue).
Langley Air Force Base for Kandahar, Afghanistan (216 each 5 gel kits of GeoFlo Asphalt Repair Slurry)

White Sands Missile Range-White Sands, NM
United Methodist Publishing  (300 gallons) Nashville ,TN
Curcio Enterprises, Sun Valley, CA
Regulus Group,- Napa, CA
Pluracom, Atlantic-Sidney, NC Canada
Speegle Construction.-Cocoa, FL
Hydro Tech, Inc.-Oak Ridge, TN
Dalton Enterprises-Cheshire, CT
Courtesy Chevrolet –San Diego, CA
FNF Construction-Tempe, AZ
Deans  Paving & Construction-Raleigh, NC
Lockheed Martin- Reston, VI
Bridgestone/Firestone-Fort Stockton, TX
Evergreen Coho Resort-Chimacum, WA
Berry General Engineering-Ventura, CA
Pike Industries- Belmond, NH
Lewis & Tanner Paint-,Syracuse, NY
Newman Supply-Houston, TX
ART Inc.-Hamilton, OH
Renovation Unlimited Inc.-Washington, DC
The Seven Springs Villas Assoc- New Port Richey, FL
Landing of Tarpoon Springs - Tarpoon Springs, FL
City of Surrey–Surrey BC, (Canada)
Ersley Electric- Grand Islands, NE
Tilcom Delaware-Dover, DE
Boshung America LLC- New Castle., PA
Duval Asphalts Products – Jacksonville,  FL
Lowe's Motor Speedway-Concord, NC
Landis Wash & Libe-LC- Litiz, PA
United Methodist Publishing –Nashville, TN
Ganna  Construction, Bartlett, IL
Alli Ann Inc.-Cherry Hill, NJ
ICI Paints- Carollton, TX
International Truck & Engine Corp.-Forth Wayne, IN
Air Purchases Inc.- Burlington, ME
Grade South-Beach Island, SC
Malta International Airport- Luga, Europe
City of Seward-Seward, AK
Task Force Flooring-Sharon, MA
University of Nevada-Reno, NV
Source All-Marble Falls, TX
Ambiotic Engineering Group, Inc- Brownsville,TX
Comco, Columbia, SC
Dynamic Design& Mfg.Co.-Niwot, CO
City of Woodenville - Woodenville, WA
Chandler Construction- Burlington, WA
Burts Cold Door repair-Huntington Beach, CA
NJ Water Supply Authority- Allerwood, NJ
Hydrotech Inc.-Oak Ridge, TN
LTI Inc.-Raleigh, NC
Speegle Construction-Coco, FL
Dalton Enterprises-Cheshire, CT
CHS Airfreight Terminal-Charleston, NC
City of Seward, (Substation) , AK
WSDOT Maintenance, Tacoma, WA
CALTRANS Maintenance, CA

Brat Mc Vay, Jr.-Escondido, CA
Denis Wedcol- Fort Stockton, TX
Bill Ledinson-River Hills,WI
Sterling Hall-Durnham, NC
Jim Hofford-Rochester, NY
John A. Sardell-San Jose, CA
Hun Liu-Diamond Bar, CA
Ron Leonard-Sacramento, CA
Bruce Kirkland-Detroit, MI
James Anderson-Beach Island, SC
Thomas F Garettson-Key Largo, FL
Vern Paterman-Carson City, NV
James Nault-St. Petersburg, FL
Recommendations for product use are based on tests believed to be reliable.  Field conditions vary widely.  For this reason, the user must determine product suitability for the particular use and specific method(s) of application.  THE FOLLOWING IS MADE IN LIEU OF ALL WARRANTIES, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, INCLUDING IMPLIED WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY AND FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE.  Sellers and manufacturers only obligation shall be to replace such quantity of the product proved to be defective.  NEITHER SELLER NOR MANUFACTURER SHALL BE LIABLE FOR LOSS OR DAMAGE, DIRECT, INCIDENTAL OR CONSEQUENTIAL, REGARDLESS OF THE LEGAL THEORY ASSERTED, INCLUDING NEGLIGENCE AND/OR STRICT LIABILITY.  The foregoing may be altered only by an agreement signed by officers of seller and manufacturer.  WARRANTY:  The recommendation for the use of our products are based on tests believed to be reliable.  However, we do not guarantee the results to be obtained by others under different conditions.  NOW WARRANTY OF FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE IS MADE.  Nothing in this data sheet is intended as a recommendation to use our products so as to infringe on any patent.

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