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Percol Elastic Cement AC - Asphalt Repair Polymer

Asphalt reconstruction with PERCOL Elastic Cement AC restores asphalt that would otherwise have to be removed and replaced.  Wide cracks (too wide for crack sealing) are now repaired permanently. Reflective damage for asphalt over concrete is easily repaired. Longitudinal cold joints are permanently bonded. Wide cracks from earth movement or earthquakes are easily repaired.  Alligatored areas are sealed and stabilized where base damage has not occurred.  Damaged asphalt at traffic loops and around manholes is easily repaired. Repairs support loads, restore aggregate interlock, improve ride, and blend in visually with surrounding pavement. Click here for Application Illustrations.

PERCOL Elastic Cement AC, with aggregates creates durable, rapid setting asphalt repairs.  Within ten minutes repairs are ready for traffic. Seals and waterproofs asphalt.  Restores aggregate interlock to support heavy traffic loads and movement. Solidifies in  less than two minutes...   PERCOL Elastic Cement AC (thin, equal volume, "A" and "B" components) is dispensed with PERCOL Variflo pump.  The reactive mix is sprayed or poured over aggregates and solidifies in less than two minutes.
Bonds without Primer No prim or tack coats.  Also bonds to Concrete, Wood, Steel..
Seals and Protects Creates flexible waterproof repairs that protect asphalt from water erosion and fuel and oil spillage.
Fast Repairs and Cure Solidifies in less than 2 minutes.  Traffic ready within 10 minutes of placement.
Repairs Year Round Successful repairs summer and winter (but not in rain or snow showers, please).
Safe to Use, No Odor PERCOL Elastic Cement AC has a high flash point, contains no peroxides or heavy metals, and is odorless.  There are no toxic fumes during application.
"A" and "B" components are packaged in equal volumes in 55 gallon drums, 15 gallon barrels, or 5 gallon pails.  Shelf life is 12 months in unopened containers stored indoors.  For small jobs apply PERCOL Elastic Cement from 21 or 53 ounce cartridge kits with hand operated dispensing guns.
Read Safety Data Sheets and the Installation Instructions before using productPERCOL Elastic Cement AC can be used in summer or winter.  For best performance, install at 10 deg. F. to 100 deg. F. ambient temperature and 50-75 deg. F. material temperature.  Do not apply during rain or snow showers or on wet surfaces.
PERCOL dual proportioning system transfers, meters, mixes and applies PERCOL Elastic Cement AC.  "A" and "B" components are transferred from drums, through the proportioning pumps, (1:1 ratio) to the dispensing gun.  Material is mixed at the gun, then dispensed into the asphalt to be repaired.
Crack & Pot Hole Repair
  1. Clean and dry wet cracks & potholes with heat lance.
  2. Fill cracks and pot-holes with clean, dry crushed rock or sand to grade.
  3. Flood with PERCOL Elastic Cement AC.
  4. Broadcast dry sand for high traction surface and to match deck appearance.
Alligatored Pavement
  1. Clean and fry wet pavement with heat lance.
  2. Fill cracks with clean, dry 16 mesh sand..
  3. Spray alligatored area with PERCOL Elastic Cement AC.
  4. Broadcast 16 mesh sand over uncured liquid.
  5. Remove excess sand after liquid solidifies.
Water & Fuel Proofing Asphalt
  1. Repair potholes & cracks.
  2. Spray 10 to 20 mils of PERCOL Elastic Cement AC & cover with 16 mesh sand.
  3. Remove excess sand.
Restoring Traffic
  • With PERCOL Elastic Cement AC, traffic can resume within 10 minutes of completion of work
Specific Gravity 
ASTM D-792
Ratio, A:B, weight or volume
Hardness, Durometer D 
ASTM D-2240
Viscosity @ 73 deg. F, cps
Tensile Strength, psi 
ASTM D-412
Elongation at Break % 
ASTM D-412
Specific Gravity @ 73 deg. F
Tear Strength 
ASTM D-624
Compression Strength, psi 
MIXED Coefficient Linear Thermal Expansion, 10 deg. X IN/IN/deg. F 
ASTM D-698
Pot life @ 73 deg. F
Cure Time @ 73 deg. F
Mixed Color

  PERCOL Elastic Cement ACTM Questions & Answers  

Q. What is Elastic Cement AC? 
A. It is a quick cure polyurethane for Asphalt Concrete reconstruction and surfacing. 

Q. What is asphalt reconstruction? 
A. Asphalt reconstruction is a simple method for restoring the load bearing properties of deteriorated asphalt without pavement removal. 

Q. What type of damage can be repaired? 
A. Elastic Cement AC is used to repair damage of asphalt such as wide and narrow cracks and cold joints; to smooth rough pavement; to repair small potholes; to re-bond and waterproof alligatored pavement.  Also, to repair utility cuts and to restore pavement around traffic loops and manholes.  A thin coat with sand water-and fuel-proofs asphalt. 

Q. How is Elastic Cement AC used? 
A. Cracks, potholes and other damage are blown out, dried, filled with clean, dry sand or aggregates, flooded with Elastic Cement AC, then topped with sand.  The result: a fully compacted, high traction, load bearing repair. 

Q. How is this different from crack sealing? 
A.  Crack sealers do not support loads.  When heavily over-banded, crack sealing creates a rough ride.  Conventional crack sealing of longitudinal cracks can create a slippery surface unsafe for motorcyclists.  Asphalt reconstruction with Elastic Cement AC eliminates cracks with a high traction load bearing repair. 

Q. When is Asphalt reconstruction particularly useful? 
A. For repair of wide cracks and damage in asphalt prior to overlaying, chip sealing and slurrying.  This can provide significant savings compared to conventional labor intensive repairs.  These load bearing repairs eliminate reflective cracks in the overlay. 

Q. What about ride quality? 
A. Properly placed Elastic Cement AC repairs improve ride. 

Q. Is Asphalt Reconstruction Economical? 
A. Yes, only small volumes of materials are needed for repairs.  Placement is simple and fast.  With short road closure time traffic control costs are low compared to removal and replacement. 

Q. Can you overlay pavement restored by Asphalt Reconstruction with hot asphalt? 
A. Yes.  Repairs are unaffected by heat:  No softening and no melting.  Asphalt overlays, chip and slurry seals, and micro-paving bond to sand topped repairs. 

Q. What about preparation before repairs begin? 
A. Wet cracks must be dried with a Heat Lance.  Burn out vegetation.  Blow out dry cracks with compressed air. 

Q. How much time is needed to complete work? 
A. Repairs are quick.  Most repairs are completed in minutes. 

Q.  How soon is pavement returned to traffic? 
A. At 70 degrees F.; within 10 minutes, 50 degrees F.; 20 minutes, 30 degrees F; an hour. 

Q. Does it work in winter? 
A. Repairs are place year round on dry pavement.  No work allowed during rain or snow showers. 

Q. What equipment is needed? 
A. A compressor, heat lance, generator, and PERCOL Vari-Flo pump. 

Q. How many lanes are closed to place repairs? 
A. Single lane closures are ample. 

Q. Do repairs hold up to snow plows? 
A. Plowing does not damage properly applied, flush to grade repairs. 

Q. Are repairs slippery? 
A. Sand is placed on the curing liquid to create a high traction surface. 

Q. Why is sand or gravel used in repairs? 
A. To support loads and to interlock with existing pavement. 

Q. Can all damage be repaired successfully? 
A. No.  With severe base damage repairs are not durable.  Asphalt reconstruction will not overcome structurally inadequate asphalt. 

Q. What about resurfacing large areas? 
A. A sand/Elastic Cement AC coat protects asphalt from fuel, chemical, and toxic waste spillage.  Fuel storage and toxic waste sites, secondary containment, service stations, fast food restaurants, airport runways & aprons, and parking lots and parking structures are typical of asphalt installations that benefit from this treatment. 

Q. How do you stop water erosion of asphalt? 
A. A sand/Elastic Cement AC coat waterproofs asphalt this is subjected to continuous water runoff as found at car washes and from near landscape irrigation. 

Q. is Elastic Cement AC safe to use? 
A. Yes, when approved handling procedures are followed.  Elastic Cement is applied with equipment that minimizes exposure to chemicals.  There is no risk of fire or burns with this cold process. 

Q. Are repairs environmentally safe? 
A. Yes.  Process generates no toxic wastes.  Equipment is flushed with compressed air.  No toxic wastes are generated.  With no pavement removal no waste asphalt is generated. 

Thin, fluid PERCOL Elastic Cement AC "A" and "B" liquids are virtually odorless and not flammable; cured product waterproofs; is unaffected by fuels, antifreeze, or lubricating oils and is insoluble in most solvents and chemicals.  PERCOL Elastic Cement AC is packaged in equal volume "A" and "B" 100 gallon kits, 30 gallon kits and 10 gallon kits.

Click here for MSDS. Click here for Technical Data Sheet.



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Recommendations for product use are based on tests believed to be reliable.  Field conditions vary widely.  For this reason, the user must determine product suitability for the particular use and specific method(s) of application.  THE FOLLOWING IS MADE IN LIEU OF ALL WARRANTIES, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, INCLUDING IMPLIED WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY AND FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE.  Sellers and manufacturers only obligation shall be to replace such quantity of the product proved to be defective.  NEITHER SELLER NOR MANUFACTURER SHALL BE LIABLE FOR LOSS OR DAMAGE, DIRECT, INCIDENTAL OR CONSEQUENTIAL, REGARDLESS OF THE LEGAL THEORY ASSERTED, INCLUDING NEGLIGENCE AND/OR STRICT LIABILITY.  The foregoing may be altered only by an agreement signed by officers of seller and manufacturer.  WARRANTY:  The recommendation for the use of our products are based on tests believed to be reliable.  However, we do not guarantee the results to be obtained by others under different conditions.  NOW WARRANTY OF FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE IS MADE.  Nothing in this data sheet is intended as a recommendation to use our products so as to infringe on any patent.


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