Performance of Plastic Canal Linings Morrison GEO 84' Good PVC Reference
Flexible Membrane Lining for Closed Basin Conveyance Channel, San Luis Valley Project Starbuck, Morrison GEO 84' Good PVC Reference
Use of Geosynthetics for the Underwater Lining of Operating Canals Morrison "Geotextiles, Geomembranes and Related Products Good PVC Reference
Quality Control Used in the Manufacturing of Calendered PVC Geomembranes Lauwers   Documents QC Procedures for PVC
PVC Geomembranes in Municipal Waste Landfill Liners and Covers: The Facts I-Corp Int'l Presented to the Michigan DNR Mar-92 Discussion of PVC used in Landfill Construction
Evaluation of FML Seams After Chemical Exposure and Simulated Weathering USBR Interagency Agreement with EPA Solvent Vs dielectric seams favorable chemical resistance data
Identification and Behavior of PVC Geomembrane Components Lauwers   Describes the make-up of PVC
Oil-Resistant PVC Geomembrane Chemical Compatability for Residual Waste Taylor, Hutwelker GEO 93' Good PVC Reference
Factory Solvent Seaming Staff, Smith Geotextiles and Geomembranes 1990 Describes Staff Ind. Factory Seaming procedure
Loading Point Puncturability Analysis of Geosynthetic Liner Materials (SUMMARY OF THIS AVAILABLE UPON REQUEST) Laine, Miklas, Parr GEO 89' Examines Out of Plane Stresses & Ability of PVC, CSPE & HDPE to Conform to Truncated Cones
Bureau of Reclamation Experiences with PVC Seams Morrison, Swihart The Seaming of Geosynthetics Seminar @ GRI Dec 1989 Good PVC Reference
PVC Geomembranes in Municipal Waste Landfill Liners and Covers: The Facts Peggs PVC Geomembrane Institute(PGI) Presentations to Michigan DNR and New York DEC Promotes PVC in Landfill Use
Flexible Poly(Vinyl Chloride) for Long Outdoor Life Orem, Sears Journal of Vinyl Technology June 1979 Technical Data on UV Resistance of PVC
Polymeric Plasticizers for Higher Performance Flexible PVC Applications Svoboda Journal of Vinyl Technology Sep 1991 Plasticizer Retention Data
Laboratory Aging of Geomembranes in Municipal Landfill Leachates Artieres, Gousse, Prigent Third International Landfill Symposium Sardinia 1991 Leachate Compatability Data
PVC Geomembrane Liners and MSW Leachate Taylor Waste Age April 1991 Leachate Compatability Data
Household Hazardous Waste in the Sanitary Landfill Kinman, Nutini Chemical Times & Trends July 1988 Describes Nature of MSW Leachate
Evaluating Plasticizer Loss in PVC Membranes Burwell Pollution Engineering February 1991 Examines Volatility Data
PVC Geomembrane and Geomembrane Seam Assessment After 13 Years of Exposure at the Lycoming County Landfill Leachate Collection Pond Geosynthetic Prepared for PGI PVC Evaluation after 13 years of service
PVC Calendering FML Materials: Sheet Integrity No Pinholes CGT Various PGI Publications Discredits the Myth of Pinholes in PVC
PVC Geomembranes and Plasticizer Loss-A Discussion of the Facts Staff, Lauwers Various PGI Publications PVC Plasticizer Retention Q & A
Calendering is Still King for High Volume PVC Sheet Gust Plastics Engineering Jan 87' Describes PVC Calendering Process
Whither PVC?? Peggs Geotechnical Fabrics Report Jan 1992 Discusses the Use of PVC in Containment Application
Geomembrane Liner Evaluation for Heap Leach Pads Breitinbach Geotechnical Fabrics Report Nov 1992 Demonstrates Good Conformability Characteristics of PVC Vs HDPE
The Use of Thermal Analysis for the Evaluation of the Durability of a 24-Year Old PVC Geomembrane Cazzuffi, Venesia Geosynthetics: Microstructure and Performance Compares 24 Year Old PVC to 10 Year Test Control Sample
Lycoming County Landfill Protected with Geomembrane Taylor Geotechnical Fabrics Report July 1991 Physical Data on 20 Mil PVC Extracted from Landfill after 7 Years of Service
Polymeric Plasticizers for Higher Performance Flexible PVC Applications Svoboda Journal of Vinyl Technology Sep 1991 Plasticizer Technology
Extract from "Permanence of Plasticized PVC" Sears, Darby The Technology of Plasticizers Discusses Plasticizer Technology
Assessment on a PVC Geomembrane in a Waste Disposal After 10 Years Fayoux Fourth International Landfill Symposium Sardinia, Italy October 1993 Exceptional Plasticizer Retention After 10 Years of Service in Landfill


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