Questions and Answers

Q Must the ground be perfectly level before installing my Rink?

A Small bumps and a slight slope will not affect your rink as water will seek it's own level. However, sharp objects and large rocks must be removed first.

Q Do I need a large area for a full size rink in order to skate well?

A No. Even if you only have room for a small Rink your family can enjoy hours of skating enjoyment. Larger rinks will accommodate a greater number of skaters safely as well as a greater variety of activities and games.

Q How many seasons can I expect from my Rink liner?

A Your Rink liner is designed to give you many years of service. Accidental damage is easily repaired using our patch system. The liner should be taken up once the weather thaws and stored properly to ensure many years of carefree use.

Q What is the best time to install my Rink?

A Anytime following the onset of cold weather is a good time to install your rink. It is best to fill the liner once it is in place to prevent accidental damage from high winds or animals. Walking on the liner with the wrong shoes or over sharp objects left underneath can cause damage.

Q How will snow and rain affect the surface of my Rink?

A Snow can easily be removed using one the many Rink shovel designs. An ice resurfacer will return the surface of your rink to perfection whatever the weather conditions, provided it stays cold.

Q Will my Rink liner damage my lawn?

Q Absolutely not. Your lawn will come back when the rink is taken down in the Spring.


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