Geoweb? Load Support System


Confinement with the Geoweb Load Support System produces a stiff base with high flexural strength. Acting like a semi-rigid slab, loads are distributed latterly reducing subgrade contact pressures. The Geoweb system provides a stable base for paved surfaces and surface stabilization for unpaved surfaces.

GeowebŪ Earth Retention System

Using a multi-layer design, the Geoweb Earth Retention system allows you to configure structures to your application requirements. Classical methods of stability can be applied to this system and computerized evaluation is available for a broad range of infill, backfill and surcharge parameters.

GeowebŪ Slope Protection System

Cellular confinement with the Geoweb Slope Protection System confines and reinforces infill material. This greatly improves both vegetated and non-vegetated slopes' resistance to erosive forces. Confinement prevents down-slope migration of individual particles, caused by gravity and hydraulic traction.

GeowebŪ Channel Protection System

Cellular confinement with the Geoweb Channel Protection System provides flexible, durable protection within defined roughness and stability. Single or multi-layer protection systems are configured to meet a wide range of structural and hydraulic requirements.

GeoblockŪ Porous Pavement System

The Geoblock Porous Pavement System manufactured from up to 50% recycled polyethylene, is a series of interlocking blocks designed to offer turf protection and load support in areas used by heavy vehicles. The units create a flexible structural bridge system within the topsoil layer to support and distribute concentrated loads.