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Asphalt & Concrete Repair

Percol Is A Rapid Repair and Restoration Polymer & Slurry for Roads, Highways, Bridges, Airport Runways And Much More. 

Percol Machine Dispensed Versions are Traffic Ready In 10 Minutes.   Percol Hand-Mixed Versions are Traffic Ready in 1 Hour and are great for the homeowner or private concern for the repair and restoration of asphalt and concrete without the expense of hiring a contractor!  Percol Is An Effective And Efficient Asphalt & Concrete Load Bearing Repair Polymer and Slurry.  Highway and Road Closures Are Greatly Minimized.  Department of Transportation Approved By Material Labs and Maintenance Departments For Our U.S. Highways, Bridges and Roads.   DOT Approved Sealants.  US Armed Forces Approved for Military Runways, Aprons and Taxiways.  Percol Provides A Long Term Load Bearing Rapid Repair Solution For Your Concrete And Asphalt Restoration Needs.  Various Percol Products Are Available In Both Machine Dispensed And Hand Applied Versions for commercial and private use. For more details click here.

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