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Flexible Containment Products

Liquid Distribution and Containment Solutions, Flexible Containment Berms, Onion Tanks & Pillow Tanks.
Our Flexible Containment products are simple to set up and use and offer a versatile and reliable solution for flexible fuel and water containment and protection. We offer a wide variety of standard berm sizes as well as customer specified sizes to meet your needs. Our products are environmentally friendly and meet the EPA Pesticide Container Regulations set forth in 71 FAR 47330.

DirtGlue Polymer Emulsion

Economical Road Building, Soil Stabilization, and Dust Control. Dust Control, Soil Stabilization, Erosion Control, and Dirt Road Pothole repair. These products are strong, affordable, ecological, and used for wind & water erosion control, including dust and sediment control, stockpile capping, embankment stabilization, gravel road construction / repair / preservation, and road base stabilization. 

Specialty Chemicals

Soil Rehab Products For Lawn, Turf, Golf Greens, Nurseries, Horticulture. Our products are proven to help a number of common problems companies face within these above three industries. To name a few, our products help in water conservation, water retention, salt management, germination acceleration & spray adjuvant application tools. Experts in making water work better with wetting agents and spray adjuvant for turf, lawn care, green house & nursery, agriculture & consumer specialty products.

Tapes, Coatings, Primers & Epoxies

Liner Repair Tapes are Excellent for Repairing Holes and Rips in Most Types of Geomembranes, Pond Liners, Landfill Liners, Tank Liners and More! UV resistant tapes with integrated primer, Below and above grade applications, Mesh backed tapes, Moldable sealants, Tape wrapping applicators.

Geo IceRink Liners 

Type 1-HC Cross Laminate Geo Ice Rink LineRs are produced by cross laminating two sheets of White high density polyethylene, creating additional strength for optimum puncture and tear resistance for your backyard ice & hockey rink. This unique process aligns the molecular structure of the high density polyethylene intensifying the sheet’s resilience creating an Ice Rink Liner having equal strength in all directions

Type 1-HR Reinforced Geo Ice Rink Liners are economical, Super White Reinforced 6 Mil film designed for your backyard ice & hockey rink with excellent puncture resistance and high tear strengths.  A heavy-duty scrim reinforcement, laminated between two layers of virgin high-strength polyethylene film, results in a material that resists punctures and immediately stops tears. The addition of ultra violet inhibitors to our Type 1-HR ReinForced Geo Ice Rink Liners, respectively, increases outdoor longevity.  Type 1-HR Reinforced Geo Ice Rink Liners are the first choice for applications requiring greater performance than common 10 mil plastic sheeting. This product will remain flexible at 70 degrees below zero.  Minimum Use Temperature: Minus (-) 70 Degrees F. 

Type II-LFL Geo Ice Rink Liners are a white/black tri-layer polyethylene film. Type II-LFL Geo Ice Rink Liners are installed with the white side up to reflect light and reduce heat build-up. UV inhibitors and thermal stabilizers protect it against harsh weather conditions and ensure longevity for the winter season.  Type II-LFL Geo Ice Rink Liners offer high puncture and tear resistance, exceeding twice the tear resistance of the leading competitor’s.  This product will remain flexible at 70 degrees below zero.  Minimum Use Temperature: Minus (-) 70 Degrees F.

Type III-C Geo Ice Rink Liners consist of two sheets of high strength white/black virgin polyethylene film laminated together with a third layer of molten polyethylene making an excellent commercial ICE & hockey rink liner.  The white upper layer contains UV inhibitors and thermal stabilizers to enhance outdoor life. The white upper layer is also designed to reduce heat build up and condensation while reflecting light.  A heavy scrim reinforcement placed between the plies greatly enhances tear resistance and increases service life. Type III-C Geo Ice rink Liners heavy-duty diamond reinforcement responds to tears immediately by surrounding and stopping the tear.  Type III-C Geo Ice Rink Liners are used in more demanding applications requiring high liner tear resistance for your ice skating & hockey rink.  This product will remain flexible at 70 degrees below zero.  Minimum Use Temperature: Minus (-) 70 Degrees F

Geogrids, Paving Reinforcement, Trailgrid

Our newest product line of GEOGRIDS have been used to reinforce soil structures for a various State Departments of Transportation, The United States Army Corps of Engineers, The United States Forest Service, The FHWA and several high profile private sector projects. Geogrids stabilize soil mass. Creates a composite soil mass of increased strength. Geogrids are to soil what reinforcing steel is to concrete.  Much higher loads can be carried by the soil structure

Presto Geoweb Cellular Confinement System And Presto Geoblock Porous Pavement System 

We are committed to providing cost-effective solutions to construction and environmental problems -- Solutions that can save you time and money -- through quality products and excellent service.  Our reputation as a full-service supplier has been expanded!  We're now a proud supplier of Presto's Geoweb Cellular Confinement System and Geoblock Porous Pavement System.  These innovative products allow us to better serve you with more comprehensive solutions to your soil stabilization problems and porous pavement needs.  Let our experienced staff work with you to solve your future construction and soil stabilization problems!  

Secure Online Order Form and Printable Order Form Available Online.

Our Secure Online Order form offers you, our customers, the convenience of ordering your pond liners with your credit card over a secure server.  Our secure server makes it extremely difficult for anyone to intercept and read information between your computer (our customer) and the server to which you are making a connection.  How do I know if I have accessed or if I am using the secure server?  When our secure server is accessed, the browser automatically starts the encryption process and a notification message may appear to the end user that security has been enabled, and some indication on the browser screen (such as a solid key in Netscape) will appear to indicate that security is complete.  A Printable Order Form is also available for you to fax or mail your order into GeoCHEM's Sales Department if you prefer.  We hope this helps the many who have requested some sort of secure way to order online and trust it will generally be more convenient for you, our customers.  Thank you.

Product Update!  Rapid Load Bearing Repair For Asphalt And Concrete!

GeoCHEM Presents Our Newest Product Lines Of Percol Rapid Load Bearing Repair Polymers For Asphalt And Concrete.  Highways, Roads, Runways And Bridge Decks - Percol Elastic Cement ™  And Percol Concrete Welder ™  - "Traffic Ready In 10 Minutes!".   Percol Polymers Provide A Long Term, Cost Effective Load Bearing Rapid Repair Solution For Concrete And Asphalt Restoration.    Percol Is Packaged in Handy Dual Cartridge Packs, 10 Gallon, 30 Gallon & 108 Gallon Kits.  Please Feel Free To [Contact Us!] For More Information And Project Inquiries.  Additional Percol Information Can Also Be Obtained From [Here]



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