Alligator Glue - Polymer

PERCOL Alligator Glue is the hand mixed version of Elastic Cement AC and is supplied in convenient six packs (3 half gallons each of "A" and "B").  Combined with aggregates, it forms a high performance, quick setting, flexible polymer concrete.  Within an hour of placement, durable repairs are ready for traffic.  Withstands vibration, heavy traffic loads, and thermal movement. For repair of Asphalt and is Available in Black.

PERCOL Alligator Glue with aggregates creates quick setting, asphalt repairs. Within an hour of placement, durable, long lasting repairs are ready for traffic. Withstands vibration, heavy traffic loads, and thermal movement. Applied as a thin coating or full depth for pothole repair.  

PERCOL Alligator Glue forms a flexible polymer concrete with sand and aggregates. Seals block cracked and alligatored areas; repairs wide and Solidifies in about 10 minutes.  The reaction is fast. Equal volume, "A" and "B" liquid polymers are combined. After the mix warms it is poured over aggregates. The mass solidifies in about 10 minutes and cures to a flexible polymer concrete suitable for repairing asphalt, narrow cracks, and small potholes; smooths raveled asphalt and fills ruts. A sand topped coat protects asphalt from fuel and water damage. 
Bonds without Primer:   No primer or tack coat needed. Also bonds to concrete, steel, or wood.  
Seals and Protects:  Creates flexible waterproof repairs that protect asphalt from water erosion, fuel and oil spillage.  
Fast Repairs and Cure:  Solidifies in about 10 minutes. Traffic ready within about one hour of placement.  
Safe to Use, No Odor:  PERCOL Alligator Glue has a high flash point, contains no peroxides or heavy metals, and is odorless. There are no toxic fumes during application.
Packaging: Kits are comprised of equal volumes of "A" and "B" components are packaged in 55 gallon drums, 15 gallon barrels, or 5 gallon pails. Stored indoors, shelf life is 12 months in unopened containers. For small jobs use PERCOL Alligator Glue from convenient Six Packs (3 each 1/2 gallons of "A" and "B" components).

Also available in 21 oz Dual Cartridge Kits

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