Elastic Cement AC

PERCOL Elastic Cement AC is a machined dispensed polymer for asphalt reconstruction. Suitable for narrow or wide cracks, alligatoring, and pot-holes.  No asphalt removal. Repairs support load, restore aggregate interlock, improve ride, and blend in visually with surrounding pavement.  A thin sand-topped coat fuel-and water-proofs asphalt.

Asphalt reconstruction with PERCOL Elastic Cement AC restores asphalt that would otherwise have to be removed and replaced. Wide cracks (too wide for crack sealing) are now repaired permanently. Reflective damage for asphalt over concrete is easily repaired. Longitudinal cold joints are permanently bonded. Wide cracks from earth movement or earthquakes are easily repaired.  Alligatored areas are sealed and stabilized where base damage has not occurred.  Damaged asphalt at traffic loops and around manholes is easily repaired. Repairs support loads, restore aggregate interlock, improve ride, and blend in visually with surrounding pavement.

PERCOL Elastic Cement AC, with aggregates creates durable, rapid setting asphalt repairs.  Within ten minutes repairs are ready for traffic. Seals and waterproofs asphalt.  Restores aggregate interlock to support heavy traffic loads and movement. Solidifies in less than two minutes...   PERCOL Elastic Cement AC (thin, equal volume, "A" and "B" components) is dispensed with PERCOL Variflo pump.  The reactive mix is sprayed or poured over aggregates and solidifies in less than two minutes.

"A" and "B" components are packaged in equal volumes in 55 gallon drums, 15 gallon barrels, or 5 gallon pails.  Shelf life is 12 months in unopened containers stored indoors.  For small jobs apply PERCOL Elastic Cement from 21 ounce cartridge kits with hand operated dispensing guns.

Also available in 21 oz Dual Cartridge Kits P/N 1206.
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