Spray Pattern Indicatior - Blue

Blue Alert SS is a unique water soluble spray colorant for use with herbicides, fungicides, insecticides, grass growth retardants, wetting agents and liquid fertilizers. Blue Alert SS ensures accurately, uniformly and economically applied products.
  • Eliminates spray overlap / double dosing
  • Prevents possible burns, plant damage and skipped areas resulting in costly respraying.
  • Economical; saves time, money and reduces chemical volumes detects spraying faults
  • Clogged nozzles and partial blockages can quickly identify Off Target Application
  • Suitable For All Types Of Spray Equipment Including boom sprayers, knapsack and walkover.
  • Non Toxic and Non Corrosive
  • Doesn’t harm animals or the environment
  • The dye lasts 24-48 hours and will wash off with rainfall or degrade with sunlight

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