Geomembrane Liners

GeoCHEM, Inc. offers a broad range of proven geomembrane liners, including mono-layer films, multi-layer barrier films, and a wide range of scrim-reinforced and textured films. Our products are designed to provide quality solutions at a competitive price.  These geomembrane liners are developed and produced in our Sioux Falls, SD, Madison, SD; Brandon, SD; and Midland, TX facility are manufactured in a quality-controlled environment under our stringent ISO 9001 certified management system to assure we achieve complete customer satisfaction and continuous improvement in all phases of our business. Our recently acquired facility located in Pleasanton, TX is operationally compliant with our internal quality control standards and is targeted to start preparation in attaining ISO 9001 certification.

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Fish Grade Safe Geomembrane Pond Liners | HDPE Liners | HDPE Alloy Liners | HDPE Alloy Tank Liners | LLDPE Liners | Unsupported Polypropylene Liners | Geomembrane Patch & Seam Tapes | Accessories

Some Application Include:

Interim Landfill Covers ♦ Vapor Barriers ♦ Tank Liners ♦ Secondary Containment Liners ♦ Landfill Caps ♦ Erosion Control Covers and Liners ♦ Cistern Liners ♦ Contaminated Soil Liners ♦  Enclosure Films ♦ Grain Covers ♦ Waste Water Containment Liners ♦ Pond Liners ♦ Remediation Liners ♦ Radon Barrier Liners ♦ Divider Curtains ♦ Decorative Pond Liners ♦ Geomembranes and Covers ♦ Silage and Hay Covers ♦ Sports Field Covers ♦ Water Garden Pond Liners ♦ Fumigation Covers ♦ Salt Pile Covers ♦ Canal Liners ♦ Fish Pond Liners ♦ Under Slab Vapor Barriers ♦ Daily Landfill Covers ♦ Slope Stabilization Liners ♦ KoiPonds ♦ Rail Car Covers ♦ Pit Liners ♦ Pallet Covers ♦ Floating Covers

NOTE: A minimum order of $600.00 USD applies to all Linear Low Density Polyethelyne (LLDPE) Geomembrane Liner orders.

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