GeoBond / GeoBoot Tapes

GeoBond Tape is a 3.3 mil single-sided tape combines a heavyduty, weather-resistant polyethylene backing with an aggressive rubber adhesive, and offers excellent seaming capabilities for our materials with an Easy Tear feature to reduce installation time. 
GeoBond Plus is a 2 mil single-sided aluminum foil tape with a release liner for ease of installation. The aluminum foil has very high impermiability to methane and other gases. Acrylic adhesive provides outstanding adhesion to polyethylene over a wide temperature range. Typical uses include joining and sealing gas/moisture barriers. 
GeoBoot Tape is a 20 mil single-sided elastomeric butyl tape used to complete pipe boot installations (sealing the boot to the pipe). The 100% stretchable Butyl adhesive features excellent adhesion values and 3-D stretching that can be easily molded to multiple surfaces without any creases and folds.