Fish Grade Safe Pond Liners


Fish Safe Pond Liner Description

Fish Safe HDPE Alloy Pond Liners [10 Mil & 20 Mil], LLDPE Pond Liners (20 Mil, 30 Mil & 40 Mil) and HDPE Pond Liners (12 Mil, 20 Mil, 30 Mil, 40 Mil) are UV resistant, flexible and designed for fish ponds and water garden applications.  Guaranteed to be 100% safe for all fish pond & water garden applications.

Availability of Fish Safe Pond Liners

Fish Safe Pond Liners are usually available for shipment in 3 to 7 working days [Plus Transit Time Inbound Destination of Choice]. However, depending upon current production demands, our Fish Safe Pond Liners may take up to 1 to 2 working weeks prior shipment [Plus Transit Time]

Custom Fabricated Fish Safe Pond Liners

Custom fabricated flexible and UV resistant Fish Safe pond liners are pre-fabricated to your specific dimensional requirements.  Super sized sheets are available from 35,000 to 40,000 Square Feet per panel for a 20 Mil Pond Liner and up to 22,000 Square Feet per panel for a 40 Mil Pond Liner.

How To Determine Fish Safe Pond Liner Sizes

Pond Liner Calculator Link  (Width Restrictions Apply)

Width  =  [Width  + Twice The Depth +5'  For Anchor Trenching and Slope Considerations]

Length =  [Length + Twice The Depth +5'  For Anchor Trenching and Slope Considerations]

Final Dimensions = Width  X Length

Example:  An excavated pond 10' wide x 10' long and 10' deep would require an 35' wide [10' wide + 20' depth (twice the depth) + 5' slope consideration = 35' wide] X 35' long [10' long + 20' depth (twice the depth) + 5' slope consideration = 35' long].  So a 10' Wide X 10' Long X 10' Depth would require a 35'X35' Pond Liner.  Width Restrictions Apply & Are Based on Liner Type.

Shipping Costs Vary By Weight, Method and Distance

Fish Safe Pond Liners weighing 150 lbs. or less are shipped by UPS or FedEx Ground Service to Destination of Choice.  Heavier liners are shipped via common carrier as LTL or Truckload.  Freight charges vary by weight, method and distance shipped.

Free Shipping to the Continental US (Excluding Alaska & Hawaii) On All LLDPE Geomembrane Containment Pond Liners Weighing 10,000 lbs or More!  

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