GeoFlex Series

GeoFlex 'H' Series

Co-extruded (Mono-Layer)

GeoFlex™ GEOH20B, GEOH30B and GEOH40B are coextruded geomembranes consisting of outer layers of virgin linear-low density polyethylene and an inner core of virgin and select reprocessed resin,designed to provide a high quality yet economical geomembrane. Available in thicknesses from 6 mil up to 20 mil and in widths up to 200' wide or up to 90,000 square-foot panels.

Data Sheet (PDF) GEOH20B, GEOH30B, and GEOH40B

GeoFlex 'HD' Series

GeoFlex HD-Series HD40 and HD60 are three layer coextruded geomembranes consisting of high-density polyethylene outer layers with an inner core of flexible and conforming linear-low-density polyethylene. The outer layers are formulated to provide an outstanding balance of environmental stress crack resistance and toughness, for excellent resistance to aqueous chemicals and solvents. GeoFlex is stabilized with carbon black, antioxidants and UV stabilizers for long-term exposed applications.

Data Sheet (PDF) GEOHD40, GEOHD60

GeoFlex 'HT' Series

GeoFlex™ HT30 & HT40 are co-extruded textured linear low density polyethylene (LLDPE) geomembranes containing carbon black and ultraviolet inhibitors to ensure protection against harmful UV degradation. HT Series one-side textured LLDPE provides increased friction, elongation and flexibility. Available in black and black/gray color options with the gray side providing a cooler surface against contrasting colors and a vital function for ease of damage detection during installation.

Data Sheet (PDF) GeoFlex HT30 and HT40

GeoFlex Ultra Black

GeoCHEM GeoFlex™ Ultra GEOHU20B, GEOHU30B and GEOHU40B are very flexible linear-low density polyethylene geomembranes. Virgin grade high-strength LLDPE provides exceptional elongation, tensile and impact strength. These are very flexible materials that will conform to almost any surface. GeoCHEM GeoFlex™ Ultra products are available in 20 mil up to 40 mil thicknesses and in widths up to 200' or up to 50,000 square-foot panels (20 mil).

Data Sheet (PDF) GEOHU20B, GEOHU30B, and GEOHU40B

GeoFlex Pro Series

GeoFlex™ Pro HP-Series HP30 and HP40 are co-extruded linear-low density polyethylene geomembranes developed for applications requiring enhanced flexibility along with a combination of high strength and impact resistance. These elements are critical for the pliability necessary in reliable, above ground tank lining systems, as well as earthen pits and ponds.

Data Sheet (PDF) GeoFlex HP30 and HP40

GeoFlex™ VF30B

GeoFlex™ VF30B membrane consists of prime very-low density black polyethylene (VLDPE) to provide extremely high elongation, tear resistance, and bursting strength. GeoFlex™ VF30B will remain flexible and conforming for challenging angles and terrains without stress cracking problems as often seen with high-density membranes. A minimum fine carbon black content of 2.0% provides excellent protection from UV rays and harsh weather conditions. Manufactured from virgin resins, GeoFlex™ VF30B does not contain plasticizers, which can migrate to the surface, causing premature aging.


Data Sheet (PDF) GeoFlex VF30B


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