Geo-Skrim "J" Series

Tri-Directional Scrim Reinforced Polyethylene

Geo-Skrim J Series geomembranes consist of linear-low density polyethylene reinforced with a tri-directional scrim encapsulated high strength polyester reinforcement. In addition to excellent dimensional stability, the Tri-directional reinforcement provides exceptional tear and tensile strength. Geo-Skrim J-Series membranes are formulated with thermal and UV stabilizers to assure a long service life. Custom colors are available based on minimum volume requirements.

Poultry ceilings, Silage Bunker covers, Grain covers, Divider curtains, Silo liners, Industrial covers / liners

Reinforced J Series -- 6 Mil - J6WHD, J6WB Data Sheet
Reinforced J Series -- 25 & 30 Mil - J25DT1, J30DT1 Textured Data Sheet 
Reinforced J Series -- 24 Mil - J24BDX1 Textured Data Sheet
Reinforced J Series -- 30 Mil - J30BD Data Sheet  

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