Fuel Containment Berm

Designed for equipment maintenance and portable drum containment, our Foam Berm provides low profile containment than can be easily driven over by vehicles, dollies and other equipment. The foam in the sidewalls of this spill containment berm retain their shape and allow this berm to be quickly deployed with no additional setup.
  • Durable foam logs allow vehicles to drive over them and still retain their original shape
  • Foam logs are covered with a fuel resistant polyethylene
  • Easily drains through 3/4” drains
  • Heavy-duty 30 oz fabric is compatible for water, all hydrocarbons and most chemicals
  • Meets US regulations for spill containment
  • Easy cleaning and storage allows for repeated use
  • Includes a patch kit and 20 extra zip ties
  • Custom sizes are available upon request

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