Geogrid Soil Reinforcement

GeoCHEM. Inc. is your one-stop source for American Manufactured Unilateral and Biaxial GEOGRIDS & High Strength Polyester Fabrics that are truly tough-enough & strong-enough to get the job done for our core customer base in the construction, mining & military industries.  .
GEOGRIDS have been used to reinforce soil structures for the Department of Transportation, United States Army Corps of Engineers, United States Forest Service & Federal Highway Administration along with several high profile private sector projects.  GEOGRIDS are geosynthetics formed by a regular network of integrally connected elements with apertures greater than 1/4" to allow interlocking with surrounding soil, rock, earth and other surrounding materials to function primarily as reinforcement.
GeoCHEM, Inc. can efficiently modify products, per changing consumer needs.  Case in point, GeoCHEM can make 17’ GEOGRIDS and FABRIC widths while our competitors only offer 12’ widths.  Customized products are also available so GeoCHEM customers can get exactly what they need — at the lowest available cost (minimal production runs may apply)

Please see our Product Line Menu for our various Bi-Axial and Uni-Axial Geogrid offerings.

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