Bi-Axial Knitted Single Layer Basegrids

Geogrid BaseGrids for Base Stabilization
BaseGrid geogrids are biaxial polypropylene geogrids for base course reinforcement and subgrade stabilization. BaseGrid geogrids deliver strength, long-term performance, reliability and quick installation for base reinforcement of paved roads, construction haul roads, foundation reinforcement, permanent unpaved roads, working platforms on weak soils, parking areas and secondary reinforcement for soil retaining structures.
When constructing roadways over a relatively firm sub-grade, BaseGrid biaxial geogrids provide a predictable and reliable level of performance to enhance pavement life and may reduce required aggregate and or pavement thickness. The high tensile strength and junction efficiency of BaseGrid biaxial geogrids confine and restrain aggregate from lateral movement. This distributes the applied load over the subgrade to a larger area resulting in a thinner pavement cross section, a longer service life or a combination of both.
Features & Benefits
Performance. GeoCHEM, Inc. BaseGrid geogrids can reduce the required granular base fill material for paved and unpaved roads and decrease construction time significantly. GeoCHEM, Inc. BaseGrid geogrids provide excellent durability and long-term performance.
Efficiency. Large scale laboratory testing has shown that BaseGrid geogrids can increase the number of traffic loadings before failure twenty fold! With GeoCHEM, Inc. BaseGrid base stabilization geogrids, longer pavement life can be expected!
Strength. BaseGrid geogrids offer high strength at low strain and exhibit high tensile strength in both longitudinal and transverse directions, making them suitable for base course reinforcement and soil stabilization applications.
Soil Interaction. GeoCHEM, Inc. BaseGrid geogrids greatly improve geogrid interlocking capacity, efficiently distributing applied loads and preventing localized shear failure. Large scale pull-out testing has demonstrated these benefits.
Available Single Layer Bi-Axial Knitted GeoGrid BaseGrids (PDF's):

BASEGRID 11 (850 x 1,300 lb/ft Ultimate Tensile Strength)
BASEGRID 12 (1,310 x 1,970 lb/ft Ultimate Tensile Strength)
BASEGRID 13 (1,100 x 1,920 lb/ft Ultimate Tensile Strength)
BASEGRID 15 (1,850 x 2,050 lb/ft Ultimate Tensile Strength)
BASEGRID 30-30 (2,055 x 2,055 lb/ft Ultimate Tensile Strength)
BASEGRID 41 (880 x 920 lb/ft Ultimate Tensile Strength)
BASEGRID 42 (1,400 x 1,610 lb/ftUltimate Tensile Strength)


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