Woven Filtration Geotextiles

Monofilaments are woven geotextiles that offer a combination of high strength and excellent hydraulic characteristics. This makes monofilaments the filter fabric of choice for bulkhead and erosion control applications.

High Strength - Excellent Hydraulics - High Percent Open Area - Resist Clogging

These particular woven geotextiles have a high Percent Open Area (POA). Percent Open Area is the area of distinct, uniform and measurable openings in a filter fabric. The high POA of a monofilament woven geotextile assures that both water and problematic soil particles have direct paths through the fabric.

Nonwoven, woven slit-film and combination fabrics have little or no Percent Open Area compared to a woven, monofilament geotextile and therefore often trap soil particles and clog.

In addition to our standard roll sizes, GeoCHEM Inc. offers our woven, monofilament geotextiles in custom widths and lengths, eliminating waste and reducing expensive overlaps. By using an over edge J-Seam with a 401 lock stitch, seam strength approaches 90% of the woven geotextile strength.

Available Woven Filtration Geotextiles Data Sheets (PDF's):

GEO-5.6-1540W - 5.6 oz/sy (370 x 200 lbs Tensile Strength)
GEO-5.6-670W - 5.6 oz/sy (370 x 250 lbs Tensile Strength)
GEO-6.0-640W - 6.0 oz/sy (370 x 250 lbs Tensile Strength)
GEO-7.0-840W - 7.0 oz/sy (425 x 350 lbs Tensile Strength)
GEO-8.0-230W - 8.0 oz/sy (400 x 315 lbs Tensile Strength)
GEO-8.0-830W - 8.0 oz/sy (400 x 335 lbs Tensile Strength)

GEO-230 - 8.0 oz/sy (400 x 315 lbs Tensile Strength)
GEO-230CW (315 X 315 lbs Tensile Strength)

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