Ice Rink Liner Installation Guide

As Easy as 1, 2, 3!

 Backyard Ice Rinks

  1. Find and stake your ice rink site.
  2. Put up your ice rink sides
  3. Drop your Geo Ice Rink Liner and fill with water.

Installing a backyard ice rink will not only make for an excellent family project BUT it can also create a lifetime of memories & family skating fun.  Learning how to build and install a backyard ice rink is affordable when built with a Geo Ice Rink Liner considering the number of hours the Backyard Geo Ice Rink can be used it becomes a very valuable, economical ice skating rink.  In addition, an Ice Rink in your backyard with our Geo Ice Rink Liners provides for a safer and much more friendly environment.

Building an Ice Rink with our Geo Ice Rink Liners is fun & affordable!

Backyard Ice Rink Equipment & Supplies

When planning for materials & equipment to build your ice rink, keep in mind there are many ways to build an ice rink in your backyard but the basic concepts will pretty much always stay the same.  A list of equipment & materials are provided below as a reference in building and maintaining your backyard ice rink & Geo Ice Rink Liners

Equipment: Hammer, Sledge Hammer, Power Drill, Screwdriver, Tape Measure, Rake, Snow Shovel & Broom.

Material: String, Boards, Stakes (metal or wood), Screws, Nails, Geo Ice Rink Liner & A Water Source


In order to build an ice rink, the surface you intend on using must be near level.  If the surface is not level, steps should be taken to make it as level as possible.

How to Build a Backyard Ice Rink

1. Determine exactly where your backyard ice rink will be built, and prepare the ground surface in that area. Preparations may include raking, digging up rocks, leveling small sink holes, and removing anything that could possible puncture the Geo Ice Rink Liner.

2. Mark-off the area you intend to use for the ice rink with string or some other simple method to obtain dimensions of the ice rink.  Take measurements (width and length) of the dimensions of the ice rink and write up a list of the specific materials needed.

3. Once you’ve purchased your Geo Ice Rink Liner and additional materials & equipment required then start laying down the side boards (the boards should be at least 8” high, or higher to compensate for leveling) around the perimeter of the rink.  Once the boards are placed, turn them up on their edge and fasten them together (You have options on how to fasten them).  One option is to use smaller boards fastened to the outside of the perimeter boards.  On the corners, use screws and/or nails to hold them in place.  You will also need to drive a stake in the ground every few feet around the entire perimeter to support the side boards as they are intended to hold back the water contained in the Geo Ice Rink LinerPlease note:  Once your backyard ice rink is in place, these stakes should be leveled to the same height or lower than the side boards supporting the ice rink. 

4. Once your ice rink perimeter is built and the ground surface is level, and free from obstructions, the next step is to lay down the Geo Ice Rink Liner.  Click here for liner unfolding instructions. Do not lay down your Geo Ice Rink Liner until you are ready to start filling it with water.  Make sure the liner is void of wrinkles and extends a three to five feet beyond the perimeter of your backyard ice rink.  To fasten your Geo Ice Rink Liner, you can use a stapler or small nails.   Once the Geo Ice Rink Liner is in place it should be secured.

5. The last major step is filling your backyard Geo Ice Rink Liner with water.  You can flood with water for a few hours each day or let it run continually until it is to the level desired.  Fill the ice rink up to at least two inches of water.  It may take several days for the water to completely freeze dependent upon temperature.

How to Maintain your Backyard Ice Rink

You will probably require maintenance beyond just re-smoothing the surface to fill in any cracks or deep grooves caused by the ice skate’s blade. You may also need to shovel snow, blow off leaves and other debris which may find its way onto your backyard ice rink.


General Equipment: Snow Shovels, Broom, Trowel and a Hot Water Source for Re-flooding.

Resurfacing: The ice will inevitably become chipped and have excessive grooves left by the blades of the ice skates.  In order to get a smooth skating surface you will need to re-flood the rink, preferably with hot water.  Re-flood during the coldest time of the day and after all ice skating is finished for that day.  If the ice rink develops bumps you will need to use hot water and melt that area and re-level it with a metal trowel or similar tool.   You should shovel your backyard ice rink’s surface following an hour or two of skating, depending on the number of skaters and the condition of the ice.

How to Disassemble your Backyard Ice Rink

Once the temperature is above freezing and impossible to continue using your ice rink, it is time to disassemble you backyard ice rink.  Create openings in the rink where the water can gradually drain out.  When the water is completely drained, disassemble the ice rink in such a way that you can re-use the materials again next year.  Your backyard  ice rink should be dissembled early enough in the season to prevent damage to surface underneath. If you leave the Geo Ice Rink Liner down for too long it can damage or destroy the grass beneath it.


To get an estimate of cost on any Geo Ice Rink Liner please [CONTACT US]  or see our ice rink liner Cost Calculator for estimating purposes.

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