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Questions and Answers

Q: Must the ground be perfectly level before installing my Geo Ice Rink?
A: Small bumps and a slight slope will not affect your rink as water will seek it's own level.  However, sharp objects and large rocks must be removed first.

Q: Do I need a large area for a full size ice rink in order to skate well?
A: No. Even if you only have room for a small Geo Ice Rink your family can enjoy hours of skating enjoyment.  Larger rinks will accommodate a greater number of skaters safely as well as a greater variety of activities and games.

Q: How many seasons can I expect from my Geo Ice Rink liner?
A: Your Geo Ice Rink liner is designed to give you many years of service (Multi-season Ice Rink Liners: Type 1HC, Type1HR, Type 3C). Accidental damage is easily repaired using our white patch tape.  The liner should be taken up once the weather thaws and stored properly to ensure many years of carefree use.

Q: What is the best time to install my Geo Ice Rink Liner?
A: Anytime following the onset of cold weather is a good time to install your rink. It is best to fill the liner once it is in place to prevent accidental damage from high winds or animals. Walking on the liner with the wrong shoes or over sharp objects left underneath can cause damage.

Q: How will snow and rain affect the surface of my Geo Ice Rink Liner?
A: Snow can easily be removed using one of many scraper and pusher shovels.  Hot water resurfacing will return the surface of your rink to perfection whatever the weather conditions, provided it stays cold.

Q: Will my Geo Ice Rink Liner damage my lawn?
A: Absolutely not. Your lawn will come back when the rink is taken down in the Spring.


A How-To For First Timers

Important items for your consideration:

First: Select a location near a water source to fill your Geo Ice Rink Liner with water.

Second: A convenient location running parallel to your home (if possible), in order to avoid pucks being shot directly at your home. 

Third: The site needs to be level.  Having a level site for your ice rink is important if you want to obtain a clean looking rink and if you do not want to end up filling your rink with extra gallons of water.  A site that has a slope of 6 inches or less is best.   Results Obtained: Less effort to install the side boards, less water and less time to get your base ice freezing.

Fourth: The size of your ice rink is important.  Consider open space availability to determine how big you can make your ice rink.  Budget and appearance is next to consider.  Let's Recap the important items to consider:


1. ACCESS TO WATER is important.  It's great to have the rink close enough to the water source so you don't have to run your hose too far when it's freezing cold outside.  Two items to consider are a quality hose reel or a large plastic bucket i.e. muck bucket or garbage can.  If you use a hose reel most of the water will be dispersed from the hose while winding it up.  If you have a muck bucket or large plastic bucket, the water that drains from the hose will be contained leaving little or no water mess behind.

2. CONVENIENCE OF USE is why you considered building your own ice rink in the very first place.  Open the door onto the ice is best, however you need to consider windows, door openings and the viewing of your Ice Rink from indoors as well.  Twenty feet away from the home makes for great viewing from your facing window.  Let your children out and watch them skate from the warmth with friends and family.

3. LEVELNESS OF THE RINK SITE may be more important to some people over others.  Do you have a level site?  Fantastic!!  With level ground the sides are easy to put up.   Ninety percent of all backyards will not be flat.  A Backyard with a 6" slope is fine.  A backyard with an 18" slope is quite a bit but still accomplishable.  Just make your sideboards higher and stronger, which will support the weight of the water on the deep end.  How can this be done?  With a rink size of 60' x 90' and with an 18" pitch it would take a friend and yourself about 4-5 hours to complete using stake and sideboard construction and about 30-40 minutes to lay out the liner.  Your ice surface will always be level when filling an Ice Rink system to get a base, as water will always seek its own level.  No more skating up down and over hills!

4. SIZE OF THE RINK can be determined several ways: The first obvious way is based on your available space.  If you have the space and the budget then go big.  You'll enjoy your rink a lot more when you have more skating area, especially when you have skating parties.  Everyone will have room to skate around without bumping into each other.  If you're not sure if you'll use your rink enough to make it worth your while, start smaller ... You can always decide to go bigger in a year or two.  You can use your existing sideboards and equipment already purchased for the larger ice rink in a year or two.  Beside the available space and budget ... people that use the rink will also determine the size.  When your rink is just for children, you can go smaller and be very satisfied, as they don't need a huge rink to make it feel big for them.  On the other hand, if you're an experienced skater yourself, you will cover a 30' span with one stride, which doesn't end-up being really fun if you're an avid adult skater.   The choice is entirely up to you, the "rink manager", but we can tell you that we have heard the following time after time "I SURE WISH WE WOULD'VE GONE BIGGER!"

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