30 Minutes to Balanced Soil Fertility

30 Minutes to Balanced Soil FertilityIt all starts with soil!
A basic knowledge of soils and fertility can play a large part in determining yields and returns. That is what this 54 page downloadable book is about (requires a PDF viewer). Use it as a text, guide, or reference book - however it serves you best.
You'll find this booklet very helpful when you wish for specific information about specific soil nutrients. What are the symptoms of secondary and micronutrients such as zinc deficiency etc.? In what areas is there a general magnesium deficiency? In what types of soils? What factors contribute to the deficiency of manganese? What function does iron perform in plant growth? Which crops respond to copper? Which crops do not? What are adequate levels of molybdenum? What materials are available to correct deficiencies of any of these nutrients? 
As you work toward Balanced Fertility, this book will keep answers to important questions like these, instantly and conveniently available. It will help you understand how fertilization can easily become a profitable investment, rather than a necessary cost. We hope it serves you well.