Concrete Welder - Polymer

PERCOL Concrete Welder re-bonds cracked concrete. This thin, penetrating polymer is applied with the PERCOL Vari-Flo or from twin-pack cartridges. Concrete Welder restores concrete strength by penetrating and rebonding cracks. Large cracks are sand filled then saturated with Concrete Welder to form a high strength polymer concrete.


PERCOL Concrete Welder restores concrete strength for roads, bridges, slabs, parking structures, roofs and floors. It seals concrete to stop freeze thaw spalling and chemical attack.  

PERCOL Concrete Welder repairs are fast. Traffic can resume within 10 minutes.

Chemically Resistant - Resists dilute acids and alkalis. Unaffected by salts, gasoline, diesel fuel, lubricating oils, or antifreeze. Fuel & oil drips from vehicles will not penetrate treated areas.

  • Penetrates & re-bonds - Penetrates and re-bonds thin, wide or deep cracks to restore concrete strength.
  • Seals and Protects - Waterproofs, protects from freeze/thaw spalling. Smoothes rough surfaces. Restores traction surfaces.
  • Fast Repairs and Cure - Solidifies in less than 3 minutes. Ready for traffic in 10 minutes.
  • Repairs Year Round - Successful repairs in cold or hot weather.
  • Safe to Use, Low Odor - PERCOL Concrete Welder is non-flammable. There are no peroxides or heavy metals. There is little odor on application, and it is safe to use. See product safety data for more information.


"A" and "B" components are packaged in equal volumes in 55 gallon drums, 15 gallon barrels, or 5 gallon pails. Shelf life is 12 months in unopened containers stored indoors. For small jobs apply PERCOL Concrete Welder from 21 or 53 ounce cartridge kits with hand operated dispensing guns.


Read Material Safety Data and the Installation Instructions before using product. PERCOL Concrete Welder performs well in temperature extremes. For best performance, install PERCOL Concrete Welder at 10 degrees F. to 100 degrees F. ambient temperature and 50-75 degrees F. material temperature. Do not apply during rain or on wet surfaces.


PERCOL dual proportioning system transfers, meters, mixes and applies PERCOL Concrete Welder. "A" and "B" components are transferred from drums, through the proportioning pumps, (1:1 ratio) to the dispensing gun. Material is mixed at the gun, then dispensed into repairs.


Large Crack Repair:

  • Remove loose and unsound material.
  • Blow crack clean with dry compressed air.
  • Fill crack with 50 mesh or larger sand..
  • Flood crack with PERCOL Concrete Welder.
  • For a skid proof surface, top with sand..
  • Hairline Crack Repair

Hairline Crack Repair:

  • Blow out cracks with dry compressed air.
  • Flood with PERCOL Concrete Welder.
  • Broadcast clean, dry, uniformly graded san on uncured liquid for high traction surface.

Spider Cracks

  • Shot blast or sand blast deck surface.
  • Flood deck with PERCOL Concrete Welder at the rate of one gallon per 100 square feet.
  • Immediately broadcast sand to refusal into the uncured liquid.
  • When cured sweep off excess sand.

Restoring Traffic

  • With PERCOL Concrete Welder,traffic can resume within 10 minutes of completion of work
Click here for Safety Data Sheet.  Click here for Technical Data Sheet.

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