Energy Containment Solutions

TerraPolymer Dust Control:

From solving the problems of inefficient dusty solar mirrors and unstable transmission access roads to ash tailings and windmill slope erosion, Terra Polymers are known for its dependable ability to solve difficult soil stabilization and dust control challenges. We provide our expertise to the world’s leading traditional and alternative energy organizations. Dust Control and FOD

Geomembrane Liner and Covers:

We provide high quality, proven oil and gas containment solutions by prefabricating large, one-piece, containment liners and covers from 6 mil to 80 mil and are available in smooth, textured, unsupported, reinforced, and dense-scrim reinforced materials for maximum durability. Geomembranes:

Geoweb (Geocell) 3D Cellular Confinement for Access and Load Support:

Stable Roads Support Access Over Soft Ground. The GEOWEB® 3D system delivers economical construction and substantial reduction of maintenance for wind access roads & staging areas. Unstable soil conditions, typical of access roads built in undeveloped areas, can be substantially improved by confining poor quality fill—even sand—in the GEOWEB system. Roads built with the GEOWEB system effectively support heavy cranes and component delivery—even in problematic soft soil areas—with less fill (up to 50%), less maintenance, and with a more stable surface than unconfined aggregate or geogrids. 

GEOWEB® PERFORMANCE  Through aggregate confinement, creates a stable driving surface—even over wet, soft ground.  Replaces more than 2X the equivalent thickness of unconfined aggregate.  Low maintenance surface requires little to no grading.  Requires only a single layer compared to 2-3 geogrid layers for soft soil areas & ready for traffic immediately after infilling.  No concentrated rutting or washboarding—maintenance is virtually eliminated! Geoweb Cellular Confinement:  Load Support Brochure:

Construction Mats For Temporary Construction Access:

Support for Wind Staging Areas & Access For temporary construction access, GEOTERRA mats are an economical and low environmental impact solution for supporting vehicles, cranes, and delivery of wind components in staging areas. More economical than heavier composite or timber mats (40-70%), they also provide access over problematic low areas. GEOTERRA mats are strong and durable, yet relatively lightweight so they are fast to deploy, remove and reuse. No heavy equipment is required making them extremely safe for workers!

ECONOMIC & ENVIRONMENTAL BENEFITS  GEOTERRA mats are 40-70% more economical than heavy HDPE composite or timber mats.  Constructed of weather-resistant HDPE so will not degrade or rot like timber mats.  Permeable mat surface allows water infiltration. GeoTerra Structural Access Matting: Load Support Brochure:

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