Tank Liners

Above ground tank containment systems are becoming the choice of many regulators to contain drilling fluids, by reducing the need and foot print for in-ground pits. Geomembrane tank liners must be flexlble and extremely resistant to pinholes and flex cracking during and after the installation. This is one of the most demanding applications in the drilling process and the reason we have invested countless hours designing liners that are proven to survive unforgiving installation stress and weather extremes in the oil and gas fields. GeoFlex Pro (30 & 40 mil) is the answer to reliable tank liners; fabricated with state-of-the-art equipment to ensure the highest performance.

Reinforced GeoSkrim K-Series in Smooth or Textured:

  • Heavy-duty high strength scrim reinforcement grid
  • Exceptional dimensional stability
  • Outstanding tear resistance and seam strength
  • Large one-piece custom covers available
  • Textured - Increased slope stability
  • Textured - Excellent anti-slip properties

Non-Reinforced GeoFlex™:

  • Excellent flexibility and conforming characteristics
  • High puncture and elongation strength
  • Very tear resistant with high seam strength
  • Large one-piece custom liners available
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