Frac Water Reservoirs

Water is the largest single component used in hydraulic fracturing and is critical to the success of shale oil and gas extraction.  It is vital that these large centralized containment reservoirs are lined with highly stabilized geomembranes that perform in the harsh weather conditions of our gas and oil basins.  Fresh water containment for hydraulic fracturing can consume over a million gallons per well.  In order to capture and maintain water in regions where water is scarce, large holding ponds are constructed to store water for fracking operations.  Our GeoFlex™ series containment geomembranes are engineered and fabricated for this crucial application.

Reinforced GeoSkrim K-Series in Smooth or Textured:

  • Heavy-duty high strength scrim reinforcement grid
  • Exceptional dimensional stability
  • Outstanding tear resistance and seam strength
  • Large one-piece custom covers available
  • Textured - Increased slope stability
  • Textured - Excellent anti-slip properties
Reinforced GeoSkrim® R-Series:
  • High strength scrim reinforcement grid
  • Great dimensional stability 
  • Excellent tear resistance and seam strength 
  • Large one-piece custom covers (up to 8,000 lbs)
  • Exceeds GRI-GM22 Standard Specifications 
Non-Reinforced GeoFlex™:
  • Excellent flexibility and conforming characteristics
  • High puncture and elongation strength
  • Very tear resistant with high seam strength
  • Large one-piece custom liners available
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