Rig-Site Pads

The rig site pad and borehole is the heart of activity during the drilling process and can contribute to ground water contamination if the surface is not properly prepared and contained. Rig pad liners are installed in the immediate working area of the well-site to provide surface protection as well as work safety. It is vital that drilling cuttings, fuels and chemicals along with hydraulic fracturing fluid are safely contained with a pad liner. We offer highly puncture resistant reinforced pad liners that stand-up to the daily demands of the drilling process along with aggressive textured slip-resistant liners to assure worker safety.
Reinforced GeoSkrim K-Series in Smooth or Textured:
  • Heavy-duty high strength scrim reinforcement grid
  • Exceptional dimensional stability
  • Outstanding tear resistance and seam strength
  • Large one-piece custom covers available
  • Textured - Increased slope stability
  • Textured - Excellent anti-slip properties
Non-Reinforced GeoFlex™:
  • Excellent flexibility and conforming characteristics
  • High puncture and elongation strength
  • Very tear resistant with high seam strength
  • Large one-piece custom liners available
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