Geomembrane Liners

We have a wide range of geomembrane liners to meet your individual leachate pad, pond/pit and cover specifications. Choose from dense scrim reinforced GeoSkrim® liners ranging from 30 mil up to rugged 45 mil smooth or textured thicknesses. Non-reinforced GeoFlex™ flexible geomembranes are available in a 20 - 40 mil and provides excellent puncture resistance and conforming characteristics for lining applications.  Our exclusive GeoGrip™ texture consists of durable random spikes and bidirectional bars for uniform stabilization and support.
GeoGrip™ friction surface provides design engineers with new solutions for some of the most challenging projects.  Whether you require super-stabilized membranes meeting the GRI-GM Standard Specifications or critical NSF certifications, our geomembranes are produced under the strict guidelines of our ISO 9001:2008 certified management system to guarantee performance. Our liners are custom fabricated in large one-piece drop-in panels designed to fit your dimensions and are accordion folded then rolled on heavy duty cores for ease of handling and transportation.
  • Reinforced GeoSkrim® J-Series and smooth or textured K-Series:
  • Heavy-duty dense scrim reinforcement grid
  • Exceptional dimensional stability
  • Outstanding tear resistance and seam strength
  • Large one-piece custom liners available
  • Easily outperforms thicker non-reinforced membranes
  • Textured - Increases slope stability
  • Textured - Excellent anti-slip properties
Non-Reinforced GeoFlex™ Series:
  • Excellent flexibility and conforming characteristics
  • High puncture and elongation strength
  • Very tear resistant with high seam strength
  • Large one-piece custom liners available
  • Meets or exceeds GRI-GM17 (HU-Series)
Typical Mining Applications:
  • Remediation Liners and Covers
  • Leachate Collection Pond Liners
  • Heap Leach Pad Liners
  • Tailing Pond Liners
  • Interlift Liners
  • Liner Rain Coats
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