GeoCHEM Inc. has a huge selection of Percol asphalt and concrete repair products for the repair of potholes, spalling and cracks in concrete, as well as a variety of other applications including highway shoulders, sidewalks and bridges. Percol asphalt and concrete repair products are available in both hand-dispensed and machine-dispensed versions. Machine-dispensed versions are traffic ready in just 10 minutes. Percol asphalt and concrete repair products can also be used to help smooth uneven concrete and improve aesthetics. Percol Product Line of Polymers and Slurries

There are two economical solutions for building and maintaining stable load support for transportation needs, even over soft ground.  By confining gravel or local sand fill in the system’s 3D structure, the GEOWEB® solution creates a stable load support pavement that requires less excavation and up to 50% less fill.  GEOTERRA mats are ideal where aggregate sources are not available or desirable.  The mats are strong, yet don’t require heavy specialized equipment to deploy—so are fast and safe to install.  Easy removal after use minimizes site restoration and environmental impact. 

From dusty trucking and railroad intermodal facilities and ocean port laydown yards to unpaved runways and helipads, GeoCHEM, Inc.'s Terra Polymers is known for its dependable ability to solve difficult soil stabilization and dust control challenges. The safety of aviation crews and the efficiency of landings and takeoffs are directly related to the in-situ strength of the landing pad or helipad. A U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Study (ERDC/GSL TR-10-38) found that a helipad treated with Terra Polymer products was 10.5 times more effective in providing dust abatement and in-situ strength than untreated soil. Terra Polymer Information -- Military Industry Brochure

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