Water Conservation

On the surface, water might seem like the perfect solution to your dust supression needs. Dampen the dirt and dust quickly goes away. Or does it? Our dust supression experts know the true cost of using water to control dust. It lies in the time it takes the water to evaporate, the mud water can create, the rutting, loss of traction and more that comes with using water. Then there’s the extra manpower, fuel, tire wear and additional factors to consider. When you put a calculator to it, as our experts have, there really isn’t anything cheap about water.

The true costs of water

On the surface, it might seem that there’s no better solution for dust control than water. After all, using water is cheap, right?  Not when you consider all of the costs involved.


There's a true performance and cost difference when you compare our dust control products to water. It starts with the amount of each product needed.
There's also a significant difference when you consider the number of applications. Water must be applied over and over again - especially if your job site is located in a hot and dusty environment. Our products are only applied once.

If you're constantly spraying the ground with water, you're naturally going to use more fuel. This is much different from our products, which are applied once, then only require maintenance coats.

Manpower is another significant expense and like water and fuel, you will use a lot of manpower to continue to keep the dust down. Our products will curb your labor costs.

This one is a little less obvious but, nevertheless, the issue exists. The more you use your application vehicle, the more wear and tear you incur on your vehicles, like tires for example. Our products allow you to park your vehicles.

Finally, the more hours you put on a vehicle, the more the maintenance costs will stack up. Using our products not only keeps the dust down, but also your maintenance costs.

Our products that will reduce water consumption

This innovative product is a biodegradable, copolymer-based dispersion that is primarily designed to control dust and erosion. TerraGlue is comprised of long, nanoparticle molecular structures that link and cross-link together to form strong bonds between particulates, soils and aggregates. 
TerraLock with GTL Technology is a revolutionary patented, state-of-the-art synthetic dust suppression fluid; engineered for today's most challenging intense-use dust control needs. This ultra-pure non-petroleum based fluid made from clean, plentiful natural gas is distinctively crystal clear, odorless and formulated to meet the highest standards of environmental efficacy. 
TerraTac Polymer
The most durable of our product lines, TerraTac Polymer can be customized to achieve the results you need. Modest application rates are useful for dust suppression and erosion control by creating a three-dimensional cap or surface crust. 
TerraTac Dry
The powdered version of TerraTac Polymer can be used as both a dust control agent and a soil stabilizer. It acts as a dust control agent, creating a dust-free surface crust when applied to the surface. Alternately, it can be mixed into the soil to solidify and stabilize the ground. TerraTac Dry is the highest (100%) solids soil stabilizer and dust control agent on the market. 

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