Asphalt Repair

Percol asphalt repair products:

  • Rapid load bearing repair of asphalt

  • Fast and durable repairs for roads, highways, runways and bridges

  • Traffic ready in 10 minutes

Our Percol asphalt repair products are used to repair potholes and cracks in asphalt and can be used in a variety of applications including repairing highways, shoulders, parking lots, bridge decks, driveways, sidewalks, walkways, runways, ramps, equipment bases, loading docks, manholes and much more. Percol asphalt repair products can also be used to help smooth uneven asphalt and improve aesthetics.  See Percol Asphalt Overlay Resurfacing

Repairing cracks in asphalt freeways and highways is a typical and necessary maintenance. Asphalt develops small cracks naturally over time. The sooner cracks can be patched and sealed the better. If cracks are left open, or are not thoroughly sealed, water can penetrate into the asphalt and beneath it. This water can gradually erode or destroy the asphalt and its foundation, forming a pothole over time. Repairing cracks with Percol Polymers and Slurries when they’re small prevents more severe and costly damage, preventing freeway closures with removal and replacement.

Choosing the appropriate asphalt repair product is extremely important. The geographic location, time of the year, weather, and temperature will help to determine which asphalt repair product to use. Carefully patching and filling the cracks will seal out moisture and prevent further erosion and damage. Well-maintained asphalt can last for years, but eventually all asphalt and pavement develops numerous cracks which allow moisture and liquid water to damage the pavement and eventually affect the foundation the asphalt rests upon.  Contact GeoCHEM, Inc. for your Asphalt repair needs

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