ATV Trail Hardening

GeoCHEM Inc. carries GeoBlock® and GeoTerra® panels for ATV trail hardening. We carry both the Geoblock® Standard 5150 and the GeoBlock® Porous Pavement Systems. The GeoBlock® Porous Pavement System is a series of interlocking polyethylene units which provide superior load support and turf protection for your ATV trail hardening needs. We also carry the GeoTerra® GTO Bolt Tight System and the GeoTerra® PadLoc System. Similar to the Porous Pavement System, the GeoTerra® PadLoc System consists of strong mats made from recycled polyethylene which are "locked" together with Padloc® connection devices.

The Denali Commission met Dec 12, 2007 to review the Rural Road project nominations, including the Hooper Bay nomination. 

The Hooper Bay project was selected. The Denali Commission will work with Federal Highway and NRCS engineers to try to develop a
TRoad cook-book with ATV mini road (Troad) standards accepted for construction projects and access to federal highway funding to do so. 

The Alaska NPS Rivers, Trails and Conservation Assistance Program helped to coordinate an ATV Trail Hardening Project with Sea Lion Corp in Hooper Bay Alaska.  The NPS does not endorse other agencies or organizations, their views, products or services - Video, Picture & Links with Permission from NPS.




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