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Drift Remover Additive (16 oz)

Drift Remover Additive (16 oz)

Drift Remover Additive (16 oz)

Model: DR16
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What Is Spray Drift?

Spray Drift is spray material that misses the target during application or moves off the target after application.
Drift Remover is a polymeric material designed to decrease the number of small droplets in the spray. It has a unique visco-elastic effect which increases viscosity. This has the effect of helping to reduce spray drift.
The two main types of spray drift:
• Droplet – Movement of liquid spray droplets through the air during spraying.
• Vapour – Movement of spray material as a gas or vapor during or after application.
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Lawn, Soil Rehab, Fertilizers, Specialty Chemicals


  • Model: DR16
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