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Variflo PD 5-15 Polymer Applicator

Variflo PD 5-15 Polymer Applicator

Variflo PD 5-15 Polymer Applicator

Model: PD5-15
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VariFlo is a lightweight portable machine that can be transported in the back of a pickup truck. The machine has a bracket that allows the machine to be hung quickly and easily wherever it is most convenient to the user, on a tote, drum, fence, or tailgate. Some government agencies have even customized their vehicles for the VariFlo machine so that they are always ready for fast repairs. VariFlo can also be attached to a lightweight dolly and rolled along the repair project. For highway repairs or extensive damage, use the highly portable VariFlo Upright Polymer Dispensing machine which can be set up and used by one person in just a few minutes. The VariFlo machine dispenses Concrete Welder (available in gray, dark gray, and black) to quickly and easily repair large volume pavement damage.

Asphalt and Concrete Repair Polymer Dispenser (10 or 30 Gallon Kit capacity)

  • Model: PD5-15
  • Shipping Weight: 2000lbs

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