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GeoBlock® 5150 Porous Pavement

GeoBlock® 5150 Porous Pavement

GeoBlock® 5150 Porous Pavement

Model: G1313S000006

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Geoblock: ®A System with Integrity

Geoblock® Standard 5150 (GB 5150) and the Geoblock® Porous Pavement Systems are a series of interlocking polyethylene paving units designed to provide superior load support and turf protection for emergency and utility access lanes, auxiliary parking, golf cart pathways, trails, and other high-use application areas. The Geoblock® system provides vehicular and pedestrian load support while protecting the grass from the harmful effects of traffic. The Geoblock® system covers a larger surface area per unit .5m x 1.0m x 50mm (20" x 40" x 2 inch Nominal), reducing costs and increasing ease of installation. The GB 5150 units are 20" x 40" x 1.2 inch Nominal. The system's four-sided tabular, interlocking joint design aids in pattern layout and transfers shear loads from block to block. 
  • Model: G1313S000006

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